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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2012-06-03 16:35:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Doctor Who- The Runaway Bride

    "Leave it in the past, Atticus, leave it in the past."
    Hmm, who needs to go get dressed when I’ve got a cat who’ll gladly act as a heater? *pats Gambit’s adorable head* Not much going on lately to be honest. I’ve been reading “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” which is pretty awesome. I feel like I’m getting a history lesson and a rousing vampire tale in one shot. I now know far too much about Honest Abe, but the knowledge probably isn’t the worst thing I could have in my head. I’m 50 pages from finishing the book, and well aware of what happened to Lincoln, it’ll be a melancholy ending. I’ve also been working on the giant pile of manga Umi-chan bought over the other day.

    That “Witchblade: Takeru” manga is just weird. I don’t understand where the demon association came from. Apparently, using the Witchblade is akin to having sex with it. It also makes you cry constantly. I can only assume from pain of wielding it. I doubt the second volume will do much to deepen my affection for it. Give me Sara Pezzini any day. I’ve been having great luck finding rare DVD sets given I have not only the “Saved by the Bell: College Years,” but also the fourth volume of “Hellsing Ultimate,” and the second season of “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” on the way to me.

    Speaking of, I went through and re-watched the first season. Still damn funny, and I loved the season finale. Without a doubt, the funniest episode was the musical one. When you sing about bestiality, Satanists, and freak love, how can you not like it? The extras were amusing especially the outtakes. One had me in tears. I love Atticus; his story arc was probably the most developed out of the main cast. Chris Leavins does a great job delivering his oh so quotable lines. I look forward to seeing Atticus delve deeper into his Satanism. ‘Bout time the man got some props. I guess I’ll go back to watching “Roswell,” I just hope the story picks up faster in coming episodes.

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