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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2012-02-26 02:24:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Hum of the computer count?

    Why must watermelons be so needy?
    So, I’m online at the moment only because I need to take care of Mum’s watermelons. Yeah, one requirement of a quest on Sims Social requires you to do that, and since I’m the only one up this late every night, I get to do it. Yea? Not much has been going on lately to be honest. I’ve been reading a lot of the manga on the read pile, but I’m just barely getting started on it. I have probably over 60 series waiting to be finished. With Borders going out of business, and cheap manga I get online, the pile accumulated fast. I should really be reading “A Perfect Blood” but I know once I start, I’ll get sucked in and will have to finish the book within a day. Not quite ready to do that yet. I had fun tonight baking a candy cane cheesecake.

    I expected it to be good, but shit, it’s excellent. It was worth the two hours it took to make it. Lots of steps I haven’t done in quite a while. Mum and Da were out most of the evening visiting Tom 3.0 and Cin-chan so I took a hot bath then watched a few more episodes of “Lost Girl.” The series is okay, but I wish Bo knew a lot more about the Fae than she does right now. I get that she’s supposed to your entry into the world, but it’s frustrating being shown all of it in bits and pieces. Kanzi is also just a tad annoying to me; I don’t really understand why Bo ended up living with her. I do appreciate the bisexual outlook Bo has. It’s downright refreshing to see a character that doesn’t care about gender. Then again, when she’s hungry, I don’t really think she’s too concerned if food has a dick or boobs.

    Ah, another twenty minutes to kill before I can run back to the TV. Wonderful. What I’ve really wanted to do these last few days is write. My muses are giving me so many ideas, but unfortunately, most of them have to do with a third story featuring Callie and Dedrick. I still need to finish “WAGWD” and I think it’s not even halfway done. It’ll most definitely be over 60 pages. I can say that with absolutely certainty. Damn convoluted storylines. In other news, the cold virus has struck again. Yeah, it sucks, but at least it’s the mild version again. There’s a general feeling of “ugh, so blah” and then moments of dizziness that come and go randomly. I’ve yet to take any medicine for it so that’s one good thing. I think I’ll end this entry here. Gambit just curled up on my lap, and he deserves some attention for being so fucking adorable. ^_^

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