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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2011-11-27 22:38:00
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    Current mood: energetic

    So, it's the coat that turns people gay? Nice.
    “Torchwood” is making me so happy. Not only is the story solid and ever so complicated, but I’m getting to see a lot of man smut. There were only quick snatches of it in the first three seasons so the fact it’s getting more attention is really nice. I thank you, Jane Espenson, almighty “Buffy” writer, for it. Seeing Jack so vulnerable is interesting, and though he might hate it, it’s definitely making him rethink things. It’s hard to be confident and stroll headlong into danger when you can actually die, isn’t it? Moving the team (what’s left of it *sniff*) to America is a change, but the action and drama is definitely heightened. Esther and Rex are additions to the team, and they’re fine, but they’re no Ianto/Owen/Toshiko.

    I know where the plot’s heading, and once again, it’s all Jack’s fault. Poor guy can’t get a break. He leaves Earth after causing such a stir and then comes back to find he’s caused another stir. One thing I am glad for is there’s no shortage of merchandise for the show. Not only are their audio books, but there’s also radio dramas for “Torchwood.” All done by the original cast as well, so I definitely won’t go into withdrawal once I finish up “Miracle Day.” Ah, I will never get sick of you, Captain Jack Harkness. ^_^ Beyond that, not much going on, birthday’s coming up soon. I don’t really feel anything towards the event. It’s just another year gone.

    Oh, I’m also re-watching the first season of the US “Being Human.” I like that show, and the fact the second season is coming in January is awesome. Strangely, the above version is lighter than its British counterpart. Reading wise, I’m reading a lot of manga. The pile just keeps regenerating, somebody help! :p All right, I’m done (for now at least).

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