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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2011-11-02 16:00:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Backstreet Boys- Shape of My Heart

    I imagine a 51st century lover would be interesting.
    I love “Torchwood” but goddamn, they have some depressing episodes. I really feel for Owen and his situation, and even though he seems to have accepted it, I don’t think I ever could. I will not be surprised if he leaves in some matter soon. What a crappy status quo. Then there was the almost tearjerker “Adam” episode where I wanted to give Jack a huge hug at the end. Actually, I wanted to do that to each of the characters. What a fucked up way to have your head messed with. Yeah, I sort of knew Jack and Gwen loved each other, but as it is, there’s no way for them to get together. Rhys is a huge obstacle and now that he knows about Gwen’s job, he’s not going anywhere. Besides, Jack’s got Ianto who is definitely getting developed with each episode.

    I about busted a gut when Martha asked about their relationship, and Ianto replied almost matter of factly, “Oh, we dabble. Jack’s very innovative…almost avant-garde. *dreamy sigh*” I have about 5 episodes until I’ve finished the second season, which has been excellent so far, depressing episodes included. There’s a big part of me that enjoys dark storylines and the show’s got them in spades. Other that, I’ve been avoid contacting the temp agency. Yes, I admit that right out. I need to write down all the information I need to say, and then keep on calling them until I get a hold of someone who can tell me if I’m still up for getting work, or if my file’s been closed. I almost wish for the latter, that way I could explore other options around here.

    So far, U of M hasn’t really worked that great for me. But enough about that, just been relaxing and watching the fourth season of “3rd Rock From the Sun”, which except for a few episodes, I’ve seen most of. I don’t mind re-watching them, and enjoy the silly humor. Tonight, I watch a lot on TV. Wednesday always seems to be packed full of the shows I follow. *Pats Gambit on the head* Yep, that’s it for now.

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