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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2011-10-18 19:33:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Eric Clapton- I Shot the Sheriff

    Omnisexual? Hmm...
    So, it’s safe to say “Torchwood” has grabbed hold of my interest and refuses to let go. My favorite aspect of the show is the flexibility of the main cast. None of them seem to have any problem with getting intimate with the same sex. This makes the show all the more amusing to me. I’m just waiting for Captain Jack to get his groove on with alien/man/woman, whatever suits his fancy. ^_^ It’s a bit like a British “Angel” expect with aliens tossed in. You’ve got Angel (Jack) who can’t die along with his other teammates, most of which hook up with each other once or twice. The show can tackle multiple genres all at once with science-fiction being the main standby. Only one episode somewhat bored me, and it dealt with a cyborg woman wrecking havoc. Ianto needs to have better taste in women if you ask me.

    I’m almost through the first season with the second season ordered and on its way to me. What? No, I’m not waiting for Comcast to put up the second season. I’m not that patient. The good thing is there’s only a miniseries after the second season so once I watch that, I’m good. No need to stalk the On Demand menu for more of the show as its being broadcast. I’ll stick to the novels then. Yeah, there are almost twenty of them. They should keep me out of withdrawal for months (I hope). In reading land, I’m almost finished with “TV Goes to Hell,” which has actually not been dry at times. The best essay in the book was the one that delved into folklore. It was easy to read as well. The other one that amused me was going into the comedic elements of “Supernatural.” I’d never thought about it as deeply as the writer of that essay did.

    The only one I skimmed the majority of had to do with Christianity and angels. Yawn. I’ll probably shift over to anthologies after I finish the aforementioned book since I had more than a few hardcover ones I can take on the trip. I am getting excited about it, but said excitement won’t hit me completely until I’m on the way to HAX Land. My mood has been…shall we say bitchy lately? I’ve no idea why either. I shift from being down in the dumps to barely tolerating other people at the switch of a hat. Today, my mood has been a steady stream of happiness so there’s no rhyme or reason to it, it seems. I’m trying very hard not to snap at Mum or Da when I’m riding the bitchy train. :p Not much else going on lately, got some cash for the trip, and mailed out 4 of the “Babylon 5” script books today. Always nice when someone pays $103 and buys them all at once. Thanks, Adam, I love you! I only have a small stack of the books and scripts left now.

    Give it enough time, they’ll probably go. With that, I’m off to clean up after my dinner, and read until “Ringer” comes on. So nice to have the house to myself for a good span of 4-5 hours.

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