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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2011-08-30 17:54:00
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    Current music:Backstreet Boys- I Need You Tonight

    Give me a fucking chair already.
    I was planning on going into a lot of detail, but I’m just too tired to get into all of it. So, you get the basic gist. So, the laundry place is very labor intensive. You don’t get to sit down except for break and lunch times, so that makes each shift long and painful. The work itself is actually quite simple, and I became a robot very quickly. The first day was ironing, so I fed towels and pillow cases to the Great Ironing Machine. Caps because that’s how I grew to think of it throughout the day. The guy who watched over us (us because there’s another temp who started the same as me) was Robert, and he was really nice and friendly. Lots of other people introduced themselves yet I can only recalls two other names beyond the above. How often do you really use names anyway? :p

    The second day (i.e. today) me and L. Johnson (Latesha something?) were put into the scrubs department. This involved a lot of hanging coats up, sorting laundry, and folding. Wooo, I could do it in my sleep. I just about am to tell the truth. Yeah, adjusting to the work schedule is much more difficult than I anticipated. I’m probably only getting four hours a night, and that’s hellish at the end of each shift. I’ve learned not to look at the clock during my shifts because that just makes time go slower. I did have to go get a MP3 player yesterday though. The machines used in the laundry building are loud, and would have deafened me over time if I didn’t have something else to focus on.

    So, the little piece of technology was really nice to have today. I loaded it with whatever I felt like and only got through A-D of the music files. Talk about space. It’s only 4 GB, but damn, you can fit a hell of a lot of songs on it. When I got home today, I loaded it up with the first two Backstreet Boys albums. I really wanted some good pop and I kept getting musicals during work. Fine if it’s in order, but no, it wasn’t. I have officially worked 2 of 89 days. How ironic that when this assignment is over, it’ll be my birthday. The only thing I’m not sure about is I might have to work some Saturdays. But maybe not since I’m not an official employee.

    I haven’t been able to talk to a supervisor about it yet. I hope not because I want to go to the Ren Faire, dammit. I’ll call in if I have to. So, in all, it’s not a bad job, but I’m really glad it’s not going to last long. I wouldn’t want to work full time there permanently. It’d eat up a lot of your life. You can bet your sweet ass I’m going to be spending a lot of my paycheck getting shit off of Amazon. I make about 65 dollars each day I work, so times that by 10 and you get a big amount. Yea for the temp agency! Okay, I’m going to watch the last part of a yaoi anime and then I’m off to laze about the house since I have it all to myself. Hmm, a bath sounds really good…

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