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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2011-08-20 20:12:00
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    Current mood:jazzed
    Current music:Apocalyptica feat Doug Robb- Not Strong Enough

    Ah, a relaxing week.
    Okay, while I still have time to myself, let’s get this entry over with. I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but been busy. First off, I’m still having stomach issues, but I’ve got them somewhat under control. No food pattern or anything yet, and yes, I am still losing weight bit by bit. I go back for a check-up on Wednesday so we’ll see what the doctor has to say on the subject. It might mean more tests, but if that helps finally stop it, I’m up for it. In other news, I might finally have a fucking job. It’s with the temps agency at U of M, and I’d be doing laundry. I hate doing it at home, but then I’m not paid for it. :p The job has some weird hours yet I could make them work. It’s something at least. I’d only be there for six months to a year anyway before moving onto to another temporary one or a permanent posting.

    I was probably in shock about the news for a few hours. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a good callback. I’m not mentioning the last one for fear this entry will turn into a rant. I’ve got a health screening on Tuesday, and some paperwork to do online (which has yet to work for me, sigh), not to mention an actual meeting with the temps office manager. Talk about a to-do list. Last Saturday, Cin-chan’s marriage took place. I went to the wedding rehearsal for some strange reason I’ve yet to understand. I wasn’t in the main wedding party, and Mum and Dad could have told me where to sit on the actual wedding day.

    Anyway, the ceremony itself was yawn worthy. I’m not religious; I never will be, so attending was not something I looked forward to. My head provided me many amusing thoughts, and I had to struggle not to laugh out loud at times. I remained seated through the whole ceremony except for the procession. I imagine Grandma thought me a heathen bitch for not going through the motions of the ceremony. Tough shit. Cin-chan looked radiant, and seemed happy so that was all that mattered to me. I was very happy to see Karen there though, and at the reception, I think Umi-chan, Karen, and I spent most of the time between karaoke sessions and eating talking. I miss having her around here, and we all wanted to visit again sometime soon. Now that a job looks doable, I might actually have money to spare for it.

    I didn’t expect to have so much fun at the karaoke machine, and I’d totally go to a bar featuring it if the opportunity came up in the future. So long as there was no drinking. Hmm, doubt that’s possible. Ah well. After the reception, Cin-chan and Tom 3.0 went off to Washington D.C. so it was just Umi-chan and I apartment sitting this week. We watched through “Supernatural the Anime”, which was awesome though I really wish Jensen Ackles had dubbed himself through the whole series. I really liked most of the original episodes, and even with the Japanese touches on the adaptations of the original TV episodes, it was damn entertaining.

    I want another season, dammit. After that, we went through “Big Wind Up”, a really good anime about baseball. I have no idea why I find sports so interesting in anime/manga, but hate them in real life. Do I like the smaller format? In any case, I had no idea baseball was so intricate and learned a great amount of information about pitches, batting, and game dynamics. I found out there was a sequel to the series after we were done watching it, and I really wanted to see it so I’m currently downloading it from Aarinfantasy. Thanks, yaoi lovers! I’ll probably hit that up next once I’m finished getting all the episodes. I vaguely remembered some things about the “Karas” OAV, but honestly the story to that wasn’t very important. It was all about the CG, and while it was damn pretty most of the time, I wish there had been substance to it.

    Izzy is an adorable cat, who got more affectionate while we stayed overnight at the apartment, but I feel a little bad she’s by herself so much during the week. She really wasn’t used to having people around during the day. I loved any moment when she curled up at my feet, side, or lap. I actually fell asleep with her purring away on my chest. I have no idea how long she stayed there though. Anyway, people seem to be home so that’s it for this entry.

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