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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2011-07-01 22:23:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Commentary! The Musical- Neil's Turn

    Aw, man, I am bummed out. Thanks, “Being Human” S3, I really needed to cry my eyes out while watching the finale. I mean, did it have to go down that way? All the doom and gloom had to lead up to something, I guess. I’m also well aware Aidan Turner is off to work on movies, but they could have done something, anything else, with his character instead of that. I didn’t realize how attached I was until the status quo was interrupted. Fucking TV show, playing with my emotions like that. The US version better change that or I’ll go hunt down the producers of the show and make them change it! Muha ha ha ha! *ahem* Okay, onto more normal talk, or as normal as it can get for me. ^_^

    Reading wise, I’ve been blowing through a shitload of manga. First was “Dragon Ball”, which rocked, but unfortunately made me want to read “Z” pretty badly. Toriyama’s a wonderful storyteller, and I see shades of his influence everywhere in modern manga series. After that, it was “Nana”, and that series is just messed up. The characters reveal new flaws and feelings at the drop of a hat, and I want to kick the shit out of them nearly every time. The back and forth between the present and the past could be done a lot smoother like you know, actually getting to the present after doing all of the past? Eh, I’ll leave it there before I completely end up ranting. “Flame of Recca” is being read, and of course, I enjoy it, it’ll be nice to see the story resolve since the anime just left it up in the air.

    I don’t really want to write about my health for fear I’ll jinx it, so for now I’ll just say I might be back up to speed. We’ll see though, that could change. -_-; Tonight, I have lots of time to myself, which is nice and refreshing. On the list for things to do is just a shower and maybe some cleaning, depends how I feel though. So, yeah, that’s it for now.

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