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Matt (mywastedyears) wrote,
@ 2008-01-10 14:30:00
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    Current mood:sleepy

    Trying to study...
    I always try to get a head start on classes, for instance, the new semester starts on the 16...and I have a meterology class that involves alot of physics and memorization work...I've noticed from past class experiences that the majority of the students have already started studying their textbooks, for a neat little headstart into the curriculum. Well, let that be a lesson to me...from then on, I started reading the chapters at least a week in advance. I want that edge too, ya know? It makes it much easier to learn when lectures are merely mind refreshers. Tests become easier too.

    Anyways, so i've been trying to help my wife out with her schooling, too...

    I told her a few days ago that we should probably start studying ahead of make it easier on her. She isn't very confident about her performance in school, this being her first semester of college, so...why not start working on things before the pressure builds up? Why put off things until the last minute?

    ...Oblivion. xbox360...that's why.

    She's been all irritated lately...and needs some time to herself...which is cool and all, I don't mind...but when i'm trying to study it becomes really difficult with slashing swords and magic spells being cast everywhere...don't get me wrong, it's a cool game, but if you're not going to study with me, at least let ME study on my own.

    ...well, now i'm in the bedroom, reading by myself. I guess i'm going to end up doing this shit alone? Who knows anymore.

    That's it for now...this blurty thing is kinda fun. It really helps get alot of stress off of my chest. I hope it doesn't sound like i'm complaining about my wife. I love her to death, and she could never do wrong by me. I just want her to do good, that's all.

    Later gang. Thanks for reading!

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