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Your Idol (mystiquexfairy) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 09:09:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:someone's gonna die tonite-blitz, gotta go-agnostic front

    the continuation of an unfortunate life...
    today i woke up at like 5 something. me and my mommy went to the airport to drop off chelle and pop, so now they're on a plane to louisiana. flyiiiiing. my mom surprised me too cause apparently robert wants to drive to fresno today just to get away from all the shit happening here with church and whatnot. so if that happens we're gonna leave today when my mommy gets off work and stay til sunday... my mom said i could stay with my grandma if i wanted to... but i really dont want to... i dont wanna go either. either way i get to miss my game saturday. oh well... i hope we dont go... i reeeally dont wanna go. i need to get the fuck out of this house though... out of here and away from these people... like i need a break. last nite kinda proved to me how badly i need one too... that short break i took when i played pool was pretty cool and that guy i was playing with and talking to was really cool too. like by the time we got finished playing i was just like "oh my god i love you!"... well i didnt say that but i felt it, it made me all calm again and i wasnt on the verge of tears every 2 minutes. then i got offline and called brett and i was okay for like 5 minutes and then i got sad again, but lucky me i thought i heard my mommy coming so i got off the phone and it turned out to just be my sister walking around... i didnt call back cause i didnt think brett really wanted to talk so i just laid down listening to poetic tragedy and on my own, over and over again until i fell asleep.

    i gotta go do shit now. i gotta finish washing like 3 loads of clothes then i gotsta clean the kitchen and then the upstairs bathroom... how nice.


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Here Goes
2003-08-03 21:16 (link)
I probably won't get to see you before I leave.
I really don't want to go anymore, like I do for the sake of being a bridesmaid at my brother's wedding but then again, I just don't.
Oh well, nothing's ever up to me.
AnYwAy, just wanted to say that I'm gonna miss you and I'll have my cell phone with me, so call if you are so inclined.
Love You like peanut butter loves jelly and all that good stuff.
See you when I get back.
You gotta win this weeks game for me!!!
Talk to you later/soon =)

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