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Your Idol (mystiquexfairy) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 21:25:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:poetic tragedy - the used(this is my fucking anthem)

    he feels alone, his heart in his hand, he's alone, he feels alone... i feel...
    i feel so alone right now.... like theres no one.

    i wanna talk to kristina really badly. but i think i'm kinda scared to do it too... i'm so fucking stupid.

    i wanna cry so bad. its like volcano all over again. what the hell is my problem???? what happened to everyone. its like once school started it was just downhill for EVERYONE... relationships between people that were so close suddenly disintegrated. i dunno. i feel so alone right now... like i try so hard to tell people stuff and then i come and write in this, but its like no one ever really gets anything, or if they do they cant help with it. i dont expect them to but its like right now i need that from someone and it seems like no one's getting it. i think thats why i wanna talk to kristina... i've been reading her journal and it seems like she feels the exact same way i do. but then i'm kinda scared to cause we've both changed a lot and i dunno... i'm afraid of running into another dead end.

    i feel so sad right now... like lonely as fuck. i hate this. i have my away message up now... and no one's said anything... brett said 'aww' which i think kinda made it worse... i dunno. i need to talk to someone. everything's gone... shit... here come the tears again. what a fucking life i live...

    its times like these i feel like... dying.

    i'm scared christian left to chicago today... i'm not sure. whatever she's probably at laura's... i dont even know why i care... i... fuck... i dunno. everyone's dead... i wish i could join them.


    The cup is not half empty as pessimists say
    As far as he sees nothing's left in the cup
    A whole cup full of nothing for him to indulge
    Since the voice of ambition has long since been shut up

    A singer, a writer, he's not dreaming now of going nowhere
    He gave heed to nothing, and all that he was...
    Is just a tragedy

    So he voyages in circles
    Succeeds getting nowhere
    And submits to the substance
    That first got him there

    Then in violent, frustration he cries out to God or just no one
    Is there a point to this madness and all that he was...
    Is just a tragedy

    He feels alone
    His heart in his hand
    He's alone
    He feels alone
    I feel...

    Then on that last day he breaks
    And he stood tall
    And he yelled...and he takes his life

    Poetic Tragedy

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I'm Here
2003-08-01 02:28 (link)
If you need to talk kid, I'm here.
I'm always here if you need a hug or just need someone to cry to/with.
I love you and it makes me sad when you're sad.
I just worry about you sometimes is all.
I need to see you before I leave.
I'll miss you while I'm gone.
Anyway, just let me know when you need to bend my ear, thats what I'm for.
Much love,

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