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Mystic (mysticsuicide) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 10:22:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Korn "Did my Time"

    Just another...
    Well...I didn't go to the Factory after all, but it wasn't Emily's fault. And I actually think I was better off NOT going because it rained, and I would've been stuck outside in it! That's not I sat at home and did the usual watching tv and listening to cds. All very fun indeed.
    But...good news!!! I finally talked to Joker!! Yay! I called him on Saturday and he didn't answer his cell, but it was on. So I called Emily and we talked for a few minutes when I got a beep. So I clicked over and he was like "did someone call me from this number?" I was like "it's me"...and of course I had to explain myself. So I found out he's in Indiana, but he's only visiting, and he told me to call him on Wednesday. Which is exactly what I'm gonna do!! So hopefully we'll be able to do something this weekend. But I don't know...I don't wanna start liking him, and then he say "well, you're cool, but only as a friend." It's never happened to me before, but it could. Eh, oh well...I'll see.
    I'm supposed to go the Emmy's some time this week. My mom said she didn't care, as usual, so I'm free to go. It really should be fun...seriously.
    Speaking of my mom...she hasn't been caring at all lately. Not that I want her to, cuz now she's letting me go places. At least more than I used to. Like I was supposed to be grounded for about a week or two, starting last Friday, for "back-talking", but she never said anything whenever I asked to talk on the phone, so I guess she forget. Haha...forgetfulness is great, especially when it's your parents who forget! But I just wish I had a car. It'll be a lot easier. Damn people who can drive already and have their own transportation! Damn them to hell!
    Anyways...I'm writing this at like 10:30 in the morning, so I'm not even the slightest bit awake yet. Yeah so that means I got up at like 9, got dressed, put on very little make-up, stumbled out to the car, and rode to the library...and course, no one's online, so I figure...I might as well sit here and stare at the computer screen until someone from my buddy list comes on. But that could be a while. Oh, how sucky my life is!

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2003-08-04 13:46 (link)
Yeah. Please, please, dont start liking my brother. he is icky.

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2003-08-09 12:26 (link)
Eh...sometimes I can't help it! Hahaha!!

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