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Story of a grrl (mynxie) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 10:33:00
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    Current mood: horny

    Ok so it took a while for me to get to this update, but here i am ready to do it!

    I was home this past weekend house sitting for my parents. And since i was so close and in the area i decided to give T. a call and see what he was up too. Well and since i didn't have the house to myself. I talked to him breifly on saturday, and he was pretty much booked for the weekend. But told me if i could stay over till Tuesday he would make it worth my while. And boy did he.

    On monday i went through the normal ritual of getting to see him. Took a long nap so i would be well rested. Then took a nice hot bath, giving me plenty of time to shave and not cut myself. After the bath/shower i got out and got dressed, put on very minimal make up. And I waited. I am almost always early for everything why should this be any different.

    T pulled into the driveway a little after 7. I felt like a little kid so excited to see him, that i went out to meet him in the driveway. I led him into the house, took his bag from him put it in my room, and hung his shirt up in the office, since i would need to iron it for him in the morning.

    He had a seat on the couch, and i kneeled down infront of him. I took off both of his shoes for him and set them aside. Then i also helped him out of his pants. Before i felt his hand on the back of my head urging it into his lap. I gave the tip a soft kiss before taking it fully into my mouth. I altranted between taking him in my mouth, trying to push down further to let him into my throat. and using my hand. At one point he wanted me to primarly focus on his balls, while using my hand on his shaft. I feel like i spent forever doing that, but it was neat to feel the texture of his skin against my mouth and tongue, and i know he was enjoying it so it made me even more happy. I went back and directed all my attention to his thick cock, and with some help from his own hand i was rewarded with his cum. I know i have said it before, but i really like the taste of his cum. it isn't bitter like others.

    At that point he pulled me up on my knees, and wrapped his arms around me, with my head burried in his chest. He talked to me a little before just laying back and pulling me back with him. I laid there for what seemed to be forever with my face in his stomach/chest. just relaxing no talking just feeling the sound of his breathing. but relaxing can't go on forever now can it?

    T sat up a little and pulled me even higher into his lap. acuatly up and over his knee. I felt the first welcome smack fall on my ass, on top of my skirt. Followed by another and another. The sting wasn't praticularly what i enjoy, bc it was being absorbed by the denim. but my wait wasn't long before my skirt was pulled up to my waist, and i could feel the heat of skin on skin. I could also then feel the chills and the heat raising to my skins surface after every smack. Over and over altranating sides/cheeks of my ass. he didn't make sure that a single spot was missed. Every now and again he would just slow down running his hands over the spots that had recently been worked over. i don't know if i have ever said it here. but the part i love most about the pain, is the touch afterward. it sends chills up and down my spine. it is totaly and completly amazing. and i don't know if it is truely the touch, or if it is not knowing when the next smack is going to come after the calm. He also pulled my panties out of his way, so he could finger me a little while spanking me. a couple of times i thought i was going to crawl right off of the couch. it was too much pleasure. After a bit of this he just sat back, told me to re-adjust myself, and get ready for dinner. I had almost forgotten that we hadn't had anything to eat yet.

    We got ready and left and went and got a bite to eat. After a very good dinner, we headed out to an adult bookstore. T is very into my anal training. and i get more and more into it each time that we talk. and i wanted to get a couple of things, so i don't loose practice in his absence. So after about 20 minutes or so of milling around the store, he pics out 3 toys for me to take home. And we are on the way back to the house again. On the way home he had his hand in my shirt part of the way, and i also had my hand in his pants.

    Once we got home, i had to get some stuff together so we would be ready. and set the alarm. i let t sit down at the computer and look at a friend of mine website, while i ran around getting ready. Once i was ready i went in and kneeled down infront of him, and once again took him in my mouth, while he finished looking at the site. once he was done, we went back to my room, where he started to also pull out his toys. along with the ones that we had bought at the store. when everything was fully situated, he threw a pillow down in the middle of the bed having me lay down upon it. About this time my phone started to ring... DAMN IT! i had forgotten again to turn it off. I could feel the tone in his voice turn cold, and he toldme to turn it off. The next feeling i had was a stripe on my ass followed by another and another. and him telling me that this was the second time it had happened. and that it should not have happened at all. all the while spanking me a little harder then before. i apologized and told him that it would not happen again, and that i was very sorry. (i am soo bad about turning my phone off it isn't even funny) I felt so horrible for forgetting that and disapointing him. soon he did stop and just explained to me that it better not happen again. and belive me i won't let it happen again.

    He then grabbed the every trusty bottle of baby oil to spread on me so we could start with the anal training. First he just worked it around the edges, slowly working a finger in. after the finger was going in nicely. he grabed one of the new toys, a small plug and slid that in. the precense there felt wonderful. not to big not too small just nice. after holding it there for a few he pulled it out, and i felt something very very COLD. the next thing i know he tells me that he has put of all things a speculm in my ass. and is using it to drop baby oil inside of me so i am fully lubbed. the sensation is soo odd i don't know what to do i can feel the drops hitting me over and over. it is just chilling to me. after he feels that i am lubbed enough.. he grabs another toy. this one vibrating, and slowly slides that in my ass. he also pulls me up on my knees a little higher, so he can also enter me from behind. Man i have never felt as full as i do with him in me and a vibe in my ass. it was amazing. he started fucking me and with every thrust i was pushing back against him. not only him, but the vibe, i wanted more i needed more. i wanted to be filled. it was amazing.

    he slowed down and pulled the vibe out. i will admit i was disapointed, i didn't want it to leave. the next thing i know he is slowly entering me. and even after all of our preperation it still hurts like fuckin' hell. but it is a good pain, it is the pain that i want the pain that i need. he takes his time talking me through the whole thing. encouraging me to relax, i try my best, but somehow i don't think my best was good enough. he does get to the point where he is all the way in. something i did not think was ever going to happen. and i LOVED that feeling, once he was all the way in just pressing up against me there was no more pain, i didn't know what to do, i just felt so full. ihe then started to rock in and out of me slowly. that is where the pain reapeared. all i wanted was to have him all the way in me, that is where it felt good where it was nice and warm, and full. he did fuck my ass for a bit but as i said that is where the pain lies. after a while he let himself go soft with in me and pulled out. we played a little bit more with the toys before deciding to clean up.

    while i was cleaning up in the bathroom he came in to check on me. and had me kneel down and aim for him as he took a piss. i think this is the most submissive that i have EVER felt. i know it isn't for everyone but it is for me. it felt amazing. after we were done in the bathroom. we went back and laid down in the bed. Since he had not gotten to cum in my ass earlier i did get to give him head one more time before going to bed.

    in the morning my alarm went off at 6 am. and in what has now become a rutiene i went down on him again. he says it is one of the most relaxing ways to wake up in th emorning and start the day. after that he hopped in the shower while i made him coffee and ironed his shirt for him. before he left he gave me a huge wonderful hug. and thanked me for all of my efforts the night before. after he left i crawled back into bed with only the memory of what had gone on there hours earlier.

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2003-06-18 12:36 (link)
*feels the wetness between my legs*



I must go take care of myself now.

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2003-06-18 14:05 (link)
you liked?

(Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)

2003-06-18 20:02 (link)
I definately did :) Really like your submissive stories...gets me in the mood for more of my own

-Liz (

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2003-06-19 12:41 (link)
oh my god yes.

I love reading about your get togethers.

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2003-06-18 22:24 (link)
awesome!!! just wondering though. i heard that baby oil shouldn't be used in anal play, especially if using a condom (the oil or something in it deteriorates the condom). just wondering if i heard wrong, or...???

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2003-06-18 23:53 (link)
baby oil does cause a latex condom to break down. we are using lambskin, which aren't always the best for protecting against disease. but we have both been tested and are clean and are tested regularly.

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2003-06-19 13:20 (link)
Man i really got to learn not to read your post at work. I am so horny right now its is not even funny

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2003-06-26 13:17 (link)
damn these eyes for reading such pleasure. what a wonderful thing. itll for sure leave me horny for days on end now. youre one sexy woman. ill have to check back later to see what kind of adventues you get yourself into next. damn what i would give to be a fly on that wall

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