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jen (my_vintageheart) wrote,
@ 2004-09-19 13:48:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    oh snapples!!
    so last night lauren picked me up we made a few stops, then went to alainas house. bunch of ppl were there; erin, meghan, kris, sam, pat, andy...!! so yeah i got this self-peircing gun at sallys for like 6$ and i really wanted my cartilage done. so i brought it to her house with a bottle of rubbing alc. because lauren said she'd pierce it for me. well 20 mintues later erin was the one who ended up doing it. everyone else was too scared! lol. it didn't even hurt, she pierced it fine. then we all went downstairs and like 5 minutes later im like crap i gotta switch it with my gold one because it will get infected. my ears are real sensitive to silver. so then meghan takes it out and all of sudden shes like OMG!! it started pouring out blood. like uncontrolable. i didnt even feel it though. i saw it pouring onto my hoody and pants and then onto alainas carpet! (im sry hun) in total shock i run upstairs to the sink and it wouldn't stop bleeding. about 10 minutes later and enough freaking out it stopped and i couldn't put the other earing in cuz it closed up. it sucks! i was so pissed - i guess i'll just have to get it done professional. tear tear!

    but yep i just got back from work a little bit ago. im reaaaal tired! prob gonna go lay down for now. my rents are being wicked assholes to me. they like hate me for no reason cuz im a biotch to em. oh wells. what else is new!? right. im out leave the love plz.

    jEn *

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2004-09-19 23:07 (link)
wow that really sucks about your ear. can't you just use that gun again? or was it a one time thing? once it heals you could probably do it over. although getting it at Claire's or something works too.

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2004-09-20 15:39 (link)
yeeah it kinda hurts and is black and blue. but im hoping in a week or two it will clear up and ill get it done at claires or something. cuz it was only one time gun. :( lol.

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