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Kiss The Stars (my_disaster) wrote,
@ 2004-01-11 19:23:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:Blink 182 - I miss you <33 this song reminds me of ppl haha

    Last night I went to Tori's around 6 and we headed to the mall. I got to witness her backing up skills. HAHA She can't drive SUVs :-x. Anyway, we went to the mall to just walk around and find something to do. We ran into Miguel and his friend tyler. We had to pee really bad so we went to the bathrooms and this big, fat, scary guy was standing there. Well as we got closer to him he started to say something. He was like "I'm sorry. But I can't help but notice how beautiful you two are." hahaha omg he had a lisp and I thought he was going to rape us. After that we went to get lighterfluid from quickaid, and then went to coastal edge. HAHA This Chinese guy was singing when he passed us and we saw him like 30more times in the mall. Well everytime we saw them she would start making this weird "singing/alien" noise haha it was hilarious. We were waiting to leave and we saw Andy and Timmy. So I stopped to talk and Tori sits down to have a conversation with this random ass Japenese old man. HAHA Joey and his girlfriend walked in so I said hey to them. Then the scary guy from the bathroom came back and the japenese guy left. So she came to talk to Andy and Timmy and all of a sudden here comes the singing chinese guy. He liked wiggled his eyebrows at Tori and she started making her noises and one of his friends turned around and goes ::chinese accent:: "Excuse me but do you need someting?" haha and was waving his finger around. So Andy told him to go back to Japan where he came from. BLAH BLAH. Lindsey walked by with I think Kristi and someone else. It was nice to see her. She was jealous of Tori's HUGE boyfriend hahaha and she knows it ;) <33 We left the mall when it closed and went to get food from 7-11. Got back to her house and watched the best movie ever Swimfan Swimming pool <33 haha We went to bed early cause we were both mass tired.

    Oh yeah I'm on cheering still :) Super good news that I'm happy about. Bad news --> I had to be up at 7 this morning to cheer at 8 at ECS. Where I got my thumb nail pulled half way off :( ::ick::, hit in the head, tripped off the spring floor, got laughed at because of my hearing problem, and just a bunch of other things. HAHA it was fun though working with the kids and helping them learn stuff. :) Got back to ACE around 1230-1 and mom brought me food. Silver practice started at 2. Boy was that hell. I have new bruises to add to the collection. And new rug burn. Sucks but oh well. These extra long practices are kicking my ass. Seriously I've never felt so out of shape hahaha. And my tumbling is becoming horrible. But I'll bring it back up after Georgia which is in 5days 8-) HOOOOOOOOTTTYYY HOOOOO!!!!!

    Peace boos<33

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