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Emily (my_beloved) wrote,
@ 2005-04-22 20:17:00
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    Current mood: cranky

    im not sure how long this will be.... i have a head ache.... anywho... my day started off pretty bad.... lucas and i got into a fight and he was pretty upset w/ me, and i don't blame him.... i told him to shut up b/c i was upset and balh blah blah.... but after 3rd hour we both kissed n' made up and now everything is perfect! :-) but the rest of my day was pretty boring.... after school i had to go to work, which was pretty boring... and when i came home i realized that i could smell myself and my feet hurt, so i went a laid in the bathtub for awhile... this girl taht has a crush on lucas added me to her myspace deal, and has started talking to me. i do give her props b/c she's the first out of his "fan club" to auctually say anything to me. she wants to be my friend, which i don't have much of a problem doing, but i just hope it doesn't backfire and blow up in my face.... it will be a bit awkard trying to be friends with someone who has a big crush on ur b/f and tells him that she loves him.... that will be the hard part.... anywho i would say im about to go watch tv but wait a second.... can i do that???? no i cant! why not you may ask? well sometime my sister must have played a video game and its fucked over EVERY channel i watch... like im lucky to even see a pic on the screen but i can hardly comprehend what they're saying... plus the vcr is fucked up and i dunno how to work the dvd player, so in a nutshell.... im fucked until my parents go to bed..... nice huh? i hope my sister comes home soon and can like, fix it or something.... ugh, sometimes, technology blows.....

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