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Mutton (mutton) wrote,
@ 2007-09-10 21:15:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Simon & Garfunkle 'The Boxer'

    This is SUCH a Monday! It just seemed like a long and tedious day, and I'm sooooo tired. I didn't even cook dinner tonight, the kids just started finding leftovers and grazing thru the kitchen~! I really need to get a better handle on the routine, I know school just started - but seriously.
    I'm really missing having time with my hubby - it happens every year during football, the kids don't go to their dads because they have games, performances etc. but this year my oldest has moved back to town and she still needs my help on weekends to run errands, grocery - all that (the girl needs sher drivers license - for real)...I guess I just miss my hubby.
    I work 1st shift - he works 2nd... I only see him on the weekends and lately, not even then... kinda sucks...ok - not KINDA, IT JUST SUCKS.
    Guess I'm a little grouchy too... maybe should drop back in when I find a better attitude... this one I don't like.



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2007-09-11 19:41 (link)
You gave me a good piece of advice. Now it's your turn to cheer up and keep positive! Thanks for the comment. :)

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eatin my words
2007-09-12 21:13 (link)
...yeaqh - you're right.... its time to pour a lil' gravy on my words and gobble 'em up.. LOL It was just a tiring day on feet w/ heel spurs w/ a kindergartener who has an attitude - I didn't handle it as graciously as I could. Its a new day, and today was better - even made dinner tonight...(beef stew w/ biscuits and salad...yum~)
I have to hold onto my motto..."DON'T NLET THE KINDERGARTENERS GET YOU DOWN" lol

Thanks MaorianAngel
Sometimes perspective is all a girl needs... I appreciate your kindness.


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