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iceman // bobby (mutant_x111) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 06:35:00
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    Current mood:bored

    i demand that john someone come and rescue me from medlab hell.
    i'm bored. and crazy. i should be in a circus. meet the amazing schizophrenic boy! he slices, he dices, he makes sno-cones and ice cream! ...i'msoboredpleasesomeonetalktome.

    the professor put some sort of block in my mind. i can't hear anyone's thoughts except my own. he says he'll take it off slowly so i learn to... not go crazy? this is a good thing. and he's going to help me learn to focus. or something. i'm still crazy though.

    kitty is here, we're "roommates" kinda sorta. more like medlab neighbors. can't you just feel the camaraderie? yay! um. she sort-of lost her memory. i helped a little, i guess. that was a weird experience. i don't think i'll do it again.

    someone come talk to me! kidnap me! make me watch bad movies! anything!

    we need to talk. like, really. come find me, since i can't find you.

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2003-08-20 11:27 (link)
~John was browsing the halls, reflecting on what has already happened, when he heard Bobby's his mind? He walked to the medlab, leaning on the doorway with his playful, butofcoursesexy, smirk~ You called? ~He looked over Bobby, asking quietly~ ya feelin'?

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2003-08-20 12:54 (link)
Bobby jumps. He hadn't heard John's thoughts, which would have warned him, and he's finding it's just as unnerving to not hear everyone around him as it is to hear them. "Hi." Then, to answer his question, "Crappy and bored. Mostly bored."

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2003-08-20 13:03 (link)
~John chuckles and walks into the room, sitting on one of the chairs beside the bed. Okay...what to say now? Just be cool, John.........minus the bad puns, ya loser. Great, now he's insulting himself, meanwhile, the minutes drag on, the silence drags on and...~ can I help with that boredom? ~Don't think of sex..or naughty the fact that Bobby's lips are oh-so-damned kissable....wait, no naughty thoughts!~

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2003-08-20 13:06 (link)
John is goddamn lucky that Bobby can't hear his thoughts. "Unless you have a TV in your pants and a lotta wires, then I don't think so." He gives an explosive, woe-is-me melodramatic sigh. "I've still got like a week before they let me leave."

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2003-08-20 14:46 (link)
~John blushed at the tv-in-the-pants comment. He didn't have a TV, obviously, but he had something better... No! No naughty thoughts!~, I don't. But, TV ain't the only thing that can cure boredom. ~He cupped his hand, creating a fireball~ Powers can too.

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2003-08-20 14:50 (link)
He laughs. "If it's all the same, I'd rather not burn to death today, thanks." He tilts his head, regarding John. A few days ago, he hadn't been able to create fire... He wonders if he's going to change because of it. He's hoping not.

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2003-08-20 14:59 (link)
I didn't say you would. ~He shrugged~ Just figured we could play around for a bit. ~The fireball changed into a fire-unicorn, which flew over and stood by Bobby's foot. It had no life of it's own, merely was mentally controlled by John~

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2003-08-20 15:03 (link)
He grins, then holds out a hand; the air in a straight line from it becomes frosty, and builds up next to the fire-unicorn. A little girl made of ice stands next to it. Bobby frowns. "I don't think I can make her move."

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