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yr crazy kitten smile (stumbleine) wrote in musictrade,
@ 2003-07-01 17:15:00
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    this is a mix i made for a new friend. we will both be going off to portland for college in the fall, so the tape title & the subtitles for the two sides are lyrics from 'light-rail coyote' [pdx references!] i just noticed that there are a few songs that i put on lots of other mixes. oh well.

    burnside will be our street

    side a - drink in the hope that the city brings
    1) the rolling stones - street fighting man
    2) cat power - speak for me
    3) ...and you will know us by the trail of dead - another morning stoner
    4) jeff buckley - i woke up in a strange place (live)
    5) black rebel motorcycle club - rifles
    6) joy division - isolation
    7) elastica - 2:1
    8) yeah yeah yeahs - machine
    9) the stooges - tv eye
    10) pj harvey - highway '61 revisited (dylan cover)
    11) the gossip - bring it on
    12) sleater-kinney - step aside
    13) elton john - crocodile rock

    side b - oh dirty river, come let me in
    1) ben folds - zak & sara (live)
    2) zwan - settle down
    3) sleater-kinney - one more hour
    4) echo & the bunnymen - do it clean
    5) placebo - second sight
    6) sonic youth - purr
    7) sleater-kinney - light-rail coyote
    8) smashing pumpkins - snail
    9) rufus wainwright - poses
    10) santo & johnny - sleepwalk
    11) syd barrett - terrapin

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2003-07-12 10:58 (link)
it's great, because that mix ROCKS.

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