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Mariann (blackxballoon) wrote in musicshare,
@ 2003-07-24 20:25:00
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    New Member
    I saw this community and I got really excited. I LOVE music, and I love talking about it.

    My name is Mariann, I am 18 and I love music of all kinds. Well, not exactly. I do like everything from industrial to oldies. My favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Ani Difranco, the Goo Goo Dolls, Led Zeppelin, Rufus Wainwright, Queen, and Bikini Kill. Its pretty eclectic.

    I hate labels though. Not so much NAMES FOR MUSICAL GENRES but the trends that go along with music really bug me. It makes unique music such as indie or emo or punk into a style, and I've never seen music as anything except what it is. Music.

    I really don't listen to the radio that much, unless its the classic rock station. Most of the stuff you hear on the radio doesn't represent anything close to the good stuff out there. With that said, I am DEVASTATED to hear abotu Liz Phair's new album. She's one of those women who really got me interested in girl-power and whatnot, and hearing that she let the Matrix (songwriters for artists such as Backstreet and Avril) write stuff for her is so disappointing. I won't call her a sellout yet, not until I hear her new album.


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2003-07-25 03:52 (link)
NIN and Goo Goo Dolls.... ROCK ON!!!!

I agree with you about radio suckiness. The only time I ever listen to it is in the morning, set as an alarm to wake me up. Which I should probably change, cause there's really nothing worse than having a nice dream interupted by Limp Bizket.

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2003-07-25 16:35 (link)

yeah people think its so weird that i like nine inch nails so much, and i also have an obsession with the goo goo dolls. i thought it was cool when i saw your list of favorite bands- NIN and matchbox twenty.

you should get one of those cd player alarm clocks.


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2003-07-26 11:46 (link)
jesus, they have cd alarm clocks?? That's brilliant!

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2003-07-26 20:03 (link)
yeah, my mom has one!


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