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Eric (murderxgoxround) wrote,
@ 2005-04-28 11:31:00
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    final fantasy 7!!
    yah i was sooo lucky the past few nights... got to talk on the phone with april till 12:30/1 at night... and we were talking and she reminded me of FINAL FANTASY 7 again.... she got me adicted once... and she did it again... i started a new guy up today but then realized i have to go to work....:( oh well i figure i'll write what i was thinking again in here... just helps.... but yah... i was playing the game and april said she would like to come over and play sometime as well and i was like HELL YEAH! :) BUT YEAH... i got to thinkin again and how awesome if would be for us to be dating again and playing that together! :D it would be so nice for her to come over on a rainy day and get under the blankets and cuddle while playing FF7.... *dreams* just her in my arms and her playing away and us jokin and kissin occationally just watchin cloud kick the shit out of everone!
    there goes me dreamin again.... if we ever got back together, like this summer or something... i would just melt....i'd be soo happy and soo gratful she gave me the chance to show her what i was talkin about in yesterday's entry. *sigh* oh well... maybe... though i wish it were a yes...

    WELL OFF TO WORK TIL 10:30!!! hopefully i can talk to her again tonight like the last few nights... i'm getting even if only online! it's just so.....immensely wonderful...i love her! aight well i'm going to be late.. later!

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2005-04-28 18:34 (link)
what time do you have to work tomorrow?

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