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Eric (murderxgoxround) wrote,
@ 2004-07-06 21:03:00
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    today was fun
    yah today was actually a gooood day. and tomorrrow will be one as well b/c both today and tomorrow i got to go to glastonbury auto shop and work on vehicals. not just any vehical... our original town fire engine!! yah so i got to do two of my favorite things in one day! firefighting and working on/talking about old cars! i love antiques! a good muscle car over a ricer anyday! but said to say that i can afford a ricer and not a muscle car so i'll probably do up a ricer but make it worth every bit! but yah it was weird i hurt my back so work sucked but i ran into a couple of people i haven't seen in awhile that are really nice. emily and sam! lol they came to my work and order at DD and we talked for a bit and it was just really awesome to see some old faces. it was funny tho... i walked to my truck and took off down the road and i get onto 85 and this maroon volvo is infront of me and these to chicks are waving and trying to get my attension... and i'm like huh... who the... OH lol it was emily and sam again! i was just suprised as all hell that A) they were infornt of me, B) they were flying as fast as i do, and C) i thought i took off before them...... oh well it was fun! while i was following them my cell phone rings and "April" pops up and i pick up and say "hey hunny!" and the realize when her mother was on the other end.... that april is in hawaii and can only call from her cell... NOT her home... lol so yah i made her mom laugh for a bit after that. but yah they wanted me to go over and help out josh with his term paper in math cuz he had no idea what he was doing. so i went over there and helped him with his math before class cuz it was due that day! wow yah that was the easy/hardest thing to do in my life... it was easy for my to understand and work with... but hard for him to follow... so i helped him for about 2 hours and then he went to class and i went to the fire department. yah we had our monthly meeting tonight and i just kinda sat there bored... but i got a free t-shirt! :) HEBRON VOL. FIRE DEPT.

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2004-07-08 17:53 (link)
I'm glad you're having fun up there :( I wish I could be there with you. Atleast you have friends to keep you company...

love you hunny

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