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Miss Dani (murderqueen_13) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 19:35:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:A perfect Circle - 3 libras

    here I am

    Difficult not to feel a little bit
    Disappointed and passed over
    When I look right through
    To see you naked but oblivious
    And you don't see me

    But I threw you the obvious
    Just to see if there's more behind the
    Eyes of a fallen angel
    Eyes of a tragedy

    Here I am expecting just a little bit
    Too much from the wounded

    EVERY FUCKING TIME I go to subculture something goes wrong. Someone ends up crying. THis time it was both Amy and Beth. I was just pissed off. It was ok at first, we met up with soldier and al and mike and we had a few drinks in costers. Then we went to subculture and danced for about an hour. (I was quite pissed) Some guy who was trying to flirt with me back when I was going out with Jon kissed me. I tried to hide behind this guy called Dave, ewwwww. So i ended up talking to dave. Amy got a bit annoyed, because beth had dissappeared to flirt with her ex adam (suni had a go at me for calling adam ugly) So she kept interrupting us... then she threw lager all over everyone. I always seem to end up with lager in my hair when I go out :S. So me and Dave swapped numbers, we kissed... he said hes gonna get together with me next week... thing is... every time I go to subculture I meet somebody this way... but i never like who I meet... *sigh* im just destined to be alone
    sing the sorrow

    amy and beth ended up argueing over adam. I got really angry, I really like beths boyfriend adam, hes really good to her and she cheated on him. Me suni and dave waited around for ageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees for them to stop... grrrrr. After it all beth cried, she cried on my shoulder. Amy annoyed me.. she refused to get a taxi home, she sat against the wall outside subculture and demanded I go and buy her chips.. I told her to fuck off, everyone was starting to annoy me, I just wanted to go to sleep. Sleep is the only place I can escape... then a fight broke out at the chip shop... a brick got thrown through the window...

    EVENTUALLY got to amys and fell asleep. Id had enough. I drove home at about 8am. then slept

    But I see
    See through it all
    See through
    See you

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2003-08-31 15:22 (link)
for as crappy as that seemed i would alomst welcome it here, this place has nothing.. anything of any entertainment value would be welcomed by me!! lol as long as the brick didn't hit me

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2003-08-31 15:41 (link)
I am making a Twiggy Ramirez site..Is there anything you would like to contribute to it?? heehee

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2003-09-01 22:04 (link)
hey when your finished it lemme see ok!!

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2003-09-01 10:06 (link)
hence why stayc doesnt go out.. go me *dance*

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