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NiChoLe (murderouzkissez) wrote,
@ 2003-06-05 05:47:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:soldier-eminem

    Well errthing that was happening with Shane is over. Actually we havent talked in about 3 days. He called me on tuesday, but just to say hi. THe same with Livia, he hasnt talked to her either. Ya kno, I actually liked him, I just didnt like the whole sneaky thing he did. Now theres this kid CHris. Hes Livia's boyfriend's best friend. And the thing wit him is he likes livia, but wont ask her out cuz of her b/f Matt, and he likes me, but doesnt kno if i like him, so hasnt asked me out. I found all this out from him. I dint kno wut to say when he asked if I like him, cuz I kinda have a boyfirend (James)... But with me and james, it seems more like a hookup then us goin out... and im not totally sure i even trust him around other girls at school... Just cuz of tha way he is i dunno. WE go to different skools so i dun kno wuit hes doin ya kno? But maybe in just paranoid. Cuz I rilly like james, actually love him, but its like were only b/f and g/f when were alone. And im gettin kinda sick of that. Its only that way, cuz he dun want everyone @ church finding out, cuz then his mom will and it will fuck errthing up. And I like Chris but dun wanna hurt him or James... so have no idea wut ima do... but neway...
    Me and Angela (my cuzin) R gonna go to see 2fast2furious tomorrow night. Chris is gonna be there, and maybe MAtt and Livia and my friends Zully and Ryan if they can go. Then shes gonna sleep over my house, and Saturday were gonna go to the beach for my freinds Nicole and Ashley's party. And maybe well go to the mall when we get home.
    WEll the skool year iz almost over...Next Thursday is my last day. I still dun kno wut skool ima go to next year.

    Last night James gave me this CD with all these funny songs and some songs that he likes and wanted me to listen to. It also had this thing that he made, wit him playin his guitar and talkin and stuff... it was funny. He told me that he made it for me... it was sweet, in a funny weird sorta way.
    WEll ima go now... im in 1st hour in skool and the bell is about to ring... iight ttyl bye
    love Nikki

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