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jackie (muffintheory) wrote,
@ 2004-08-14 22:05:00
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    Current mood:contemplative
    Current music:bush: little things

    rainy days
    my guitar case that i ordered came today! it's really nice, i'm glad i decided to get this one instead of just buying one from a store. i also finally got new strings, so i'm ready to play.

    haven't been up to alot lately. i went over nathan's yesterday, that was fun. today i hung out with amber. we were learning to double dutch. i was good at the jumping part but not at turning the ropes lol. it was raining which was nice, it felt good. some guy stopped and said 'yeah all the girls in philly do that' haha, we are both from philly.. i didn't live there too long but i used to be there all of the time. i don't go there as much now.. i miss all of my friends there. i only see them occasionally.

    i really confuse myself sometimes. i always used to say how i didn't like someone then all of a sudden i have a dream or something about him and i think i like him? maybe i did all along. i don't even talk to him that much. or maybe it's because i haven't liked someone in awhile and i'm not used to that. i wish my thoughts were more simple.

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2004-08-19 02:03 (link)

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