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messy watercolor picture (mudcandy) wrote,
@ 2003-09-07 19:57:00
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    Current mood: lazy

    just wanted to tell everyone... i'm okay now. i was just venting through that last post. yoko na ikwento coz i don't wanna remember what happened, but anyway, some stuff that's recently come up:

    1. our (mom and i) business is officially starting tomorrow. it's a neighborhood beauty salon! :) girlie girls unite! hehe, wish us luck.

    2. my dad's new car. sabi nya he felt like a teenager the first time he drove it (this morning). heh. men and their toys. :p

    3. Friendster is actually cool. i've come up with this scheme to eventually be friends with basti artadi through one of chris's grade school classmates - dave aguirre of Razorback. haha! RAK! \m/

    4. got my hair straightened. well it's a temporary thing lang coz i just wanted to see what i'd look like. haha, it didn't make that much of a difference.

    5. my brother totally freaked out on us because he lost some of his files here sa PC. as in, he was ready to rip the CPU apart and take "HIS processor" daw. hello?! kaming dalawa kaya bumili nito. tapos sa kanya lang? kafalmuks ha!

    6. back to work tomorrow! enough bumming around the house. it's time to earn some moolah! :D

    yun lang. i'll post something more elaborate next time.

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kikay girl ka na to the core! hehehe!
2003-09-07 09:15 (link)
wow! congrats with your salon,im pretty sure it will rock!!! in kaya ang pagiging kikay ngayun! and mind you..u'll have lots and lots of freebies! hehehe!

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Re: kikay girl ka na to the core! hehehe!
2003-09-08 09:32 (link)
haha thanks aggie! :) okay lang first day, hindi mashado malakas kasi monday. oh well. im sure it will get better. :)

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