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mars bars (mtipsy324) wrote,
@ 2004-09-09 21:10:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Llyod Banks I'm So Fly

    one of the best moods i've been in in a while
    I JUS FOUND OUT THAT I GOT A NEW TV WOO HOO LOL but any ways lol. today i got up at 6:25. i got up late. i should have gotton up at 6:00. but i didnt hear my phone go off. yea well i was still done and ready by 7. and of course like usual jazz and her dad was at my house at 7:40 when they should be there at 7:30. yea well ill get over it lol. well then we went up to the school. me and jazz were standing there until marcie got there thne we went up to the steps. it started to rain so we went up to the doors. we went in and i had to go to gym. i hate having gym 2nd period, 8 sum thing in the morning. that shit sucks.

    then i went to homeroom and walked around. then i went to math, english, and science. after that i had to run down and catch the bus to go to vo- tech. well right now vo-tech is kinda boring but i think it will get fun soon. after i left vo-tech, i went back to the school and was waiting for jazz at a plus. we went to meet her mom. then i went up to the field where the football team practices at. and found out that we had to go to jazz house to get bubby his sneaker cuz they were practicing in the gym today.

    after we took bubby his sneakers, we went to the bank, and then to get sum thing to eat. we went back to jazz's house so we could take out te dog. and then we left right away to go to cheerleading. i had fun today at cheerleading. but when i was done running my 3 laps i really couldnt breath. my cheast really hurt. but then we went in and did some cheers. then JV went there way and varcity went there well we did every thing we had to do. we got done at 7. but i guess jazz's mom forgot when we got done and she got there at 8. but while we were waiting carlos helped me do a back handspring. i can almost do it by my self. its really cool. but then we took our one friend home and jazz went to her house nad got her stuff to sleep over. i got home and came on the computer. i was talking to amanda and here is our convo.

    mTiPsY324 (9:16:01 PM): yea i guess so lol hey amanda did i ever tell u that I LOVE U??? well guess wat I LOVE U <3
    mTiPsY324 (9:16:03 PM): lol
    AiBabie143 (9:16:09 PM): lol
    AiBabie143 (9:16:19 PM): your the second love of my life..
    AiBabie143 (9:16:31 PM): sorry ya just can't fufill my needs.
    mTiPsY324 (9:16:43 PM): okay ill stand for 2nd
    AiBabie143 (9:16:47 PM): lol
    mTiPsY324 (9:16:53 PM): i dont think i would wanna fullfill ur needs lol
    AiBabie143 (9:17:03 PM): exactly
    mTiPsY324 (9:17:13 PM): yup yup lol
    AiBabie143 (9:17:31 PM): well the vib is good and all but sometime its a little to stiff... it's getting old we need to spice it up!
    AiBabie143 ( 9:17:33 PM): lmao
    mTiPsY324 (9:18:12 PM): lol lmfao
    AiBabie143 (9:18:35 PM): :-)
    mTiPsY324 (9:18:52 PM): :-)god u make u laugh
    mTiPsY324 (9:18:55 PM): lol
    AiBabie143 (9:19:38 PM): i think that was the most i laughed all night
    AiBabie143 (9:19:50 PM): i think that might have to go in your

    and then i went in and helped my nanny make some cakes and every thing. and here im now updating my blurty. but im gonna go now so i can get my stuff ready for school adn every thing and then go to bed. okay ill update more 2morrow

    LOVE MARS <3

    p.s. my grandfather got a brand new tv today. lol .

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ugh... god you make me smile!
2004-09-09 22:16 (link)
-- * god i was in such a terrible mood. and than
we had our little conversation = greatness. yeah
well i am gonna go. i will write back to your note
tomorrow so you have something great to look
forward to. you gotta tell me which history teach
you have. i have mine with tracy and i am hoping
aaron. :: fingers crossed :: haha. what would
you do with out me. peace out home g amanda j

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