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mars bars (mtipsy324) wrote,
@ 2004-08-05 01:03:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:-none- aarons well our wannabe aaron laugh

    chuckle chuckle chuckle......
    well i updated last night lol.....

    the rest of last night

    i went in the living room and sat down wit manda and katie. we were watching win a date with tad hamlton. its such a great movie. isnt manda such a sucker for love movies. after that movie was over, we put in carrie. we thought it was gonna be a scary movie but it wasnt even that scary. well when that movie was over bri bri and bryce came home, by then it was like 3 sum thing. bri bri came in with a fan cuz it was so hott in the house. and he also came home to light a candle. lol. then they wanted to watch a movie. so we were jus sitting there for a while waiting for bryce to find a movie. then finally he jus put on pipe dream. that is one of the stupidest movies i ever seen. when that was over bri bri went down to his room to sleep. and me and bryce decided we were gonna watch another movie. so we were looking and looking, then we found from dusk till dawn. that is a good movie. i never watched it cuz i didnt think it would be good, but then it turned out to be pretty good. lol. by the time that was over it was 6:45. bryce turned off the tv and went to sleep, but i didnt fall alseep till 7.


    i woke up at 11:30 cuz of manda woke me up. whoop whoop!! i was really really tired cuz i only went to sleep at 7. me and manda made sum food cuz we were hungry. cuz u no how fat ppl r always hungry - fat ppl need food too. lol katie was still sleeping cuz that is all she does is sleep at mandas house. but then again she said she wasnt hungry and went back to sleep. after i was done eating i went and took a shower. when i was done i the i came down and ate more food, and sat around in my towel for like an hour and a half. i did a amanda. then i got dressed after a while. lol. manda went and took a shower. when she was getting ready we sat around and listened to a mixed cd - the sound track to a cinderella story - ashlee simpson - jessica simpson - and the one and only BARRY WHITE we were calling every where trying to find a ride to the pool. finally manda jus called my nanny. and of course my nanny said yeah she will come adn get us.

    she came and picked us up at like 3. she took manda and katie to their bank, so they could cash their checks. then she took us over to my bank, to cash my check. and then we went over to the pool. when we got in the pool i went over and was talking to jazz. she was sooo upset thanks to little miss big mouth - don't think before she speaks - i am sorry this i am sorry that - suck up - stuck up - snob - tattle tale natalie! we jus sat around making fun of the new rules evelyn put up today. well lets see how quick i can get detention!!

    then we all went swimming. it was me, manda, aaron, lamont, malllie, lavyrt, lt, dj"natalie", and rocky. then we got out of the pool cuz we were getting tired of shannon bitching cuz we were having fun and she wasnt. lol!!!!! then manda got us all food, well i payed for my own. after i was done eating i went back in the pool. i was swimming for a while. then aaron came over and made me get out of the pool and get ready to leave. but i didnt want to get out, so he pulled me out of the pool. i was trying to get back in the pool but aaron wouldnt get out of my way. so i jus got my stuff and went to get ready. we left the pool and started to walk home. we were walking mad slow, and thats unusal for me. then we ran into miss nicole. wow that was really fun. wat a bitch. we were a block away from north west and it started to rain. but by the time we got to spring st it was really raining. manda called bri bri and asked him if he cold come and take me home, so i didnt have to walk in the rain. so he came i got in the car and we left!!!

    i got home and went up to my room. i actaully cleaned my room. its nice. lol. then i came down and sat on the computer jus talking to ppls. i went back up to my room, and my phone rang. u will never guess who it was. yup it was JAZZ. we were talking on the phone for a hot minute. then manda called and told me that she was near my house. so i got the keys to my nannys van, and went outside to wait for her and aaron. we came bac in the house and here we are now jus sitting here updating the blurty. ill update more 2morrow iight nighty nighty
    well guess wat else happened!!!! manda and aaron one year was today whoop whoop. aaron got to unrap the presents lol!!!!

    LOVE MARS <3

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wow o8.o4 = great day!
2004-08-05 01:14 (link)
-- * your my boy blue. lol. god i have had so much fun. god so
glad ya girls aint 2 face like some ppl. ::cough, cough:: little
miss big mouth - don't think before she speaks - i am sorry this
i am sorry that - suck up - stuck up - snob - tattle tale natalie!

lmao. so happy for lavyrt and mallie! greatness. gosh so energetic
but yet tired. so we are out like a light on saturday night live!
love ya girlie girl <33 manda

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