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Michelle (pepperland) wrote in mst3k,
@ 2003-02-07 16:13:00
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    Current mood: curious

    Fave Host Segments?
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the community and to Blurty in general. ::waves:: Just wanted to introduce myself and share a question with you all. I've been a card-carrying MiSTie every since the show was on the old Comedy Channel. That's right, Comedy Channel, with all the other old "shows" like Rachael Sweet, the Higgins Boys and Gruber, and Allan Havey. That's a long time ago!

    Anyhoo, here's my question. What's your favorite host segment? It can be from Joel era, Mike era, Comedy Central, Sci-Fi, any era you wish, even KTMA! Here are mine.

    Joel Era: Pod People, the Idiot Control Song
    Joel and the bots mimic the stupid band singing a song in the movie. "It stinks!"
    Joel's Farewell. "You are a part of the circus of Dr. Lo."

    Mike Era: Jack Frost
    "Michael Nelson is Lord of the Dance!"
    Final Justice
    Goosio! Tom and Crow think that Goosio is just a lame puppet controlled by Mike and beat up on it, only to have Mike come in and tell the bots that it's the real Goosio.

    There's probably a lot more I could name, but then I'd have to go on and on and on. :)

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2003-02-07 21:23 (link)
Huzzah, the first real post!

Um. My favorite CC-era segment is actually every single one from Ep. 611, The Last Of The Wild Horses. I loved the whole evil-Mike and Dictator Servo thingy.

From SciFi, it's gotta be the cardboard cutouts in Hobgoblins.

"Something's sure going to happen!"

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2003-02-07 21:24 (link)
Welcome, by the way. :-)

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2003-05-15 13:08 (link)
I would have to go with cave dwellers as my fav cc era. it flowed well throughout the whole 2 hrs. also close to my heart is pod people and MITCHELL! my fav side bit is "idiot control now!" as well.

this is fun!

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