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Patrick (ghaleon) wrote in mst3k,
@ 2003-02-07 19:06:00
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    Oh, and ground rules.
    As the maintainer, I want to set a few ground rules early on, so there aren't any problems later. I'll put these in the userinfo once this post has disappeared off of the front page.

    1. Keep it on topic. This is an MST community, so if you want to talk about something else, like whether or not Avril sucks, do it someplace else.

    2. I don't care about profanity, since Blurty is ostensibly over-18-only, but try to make at least every other word a non-swear?

    3. Flamewars are inevitable, especially if someone dares to bring up the Mike vs. Joel debate, and I'm as guilty of flaming people over these things as anyone else. Excessive flaming won't be permitted, and people who continually start or provoke flamewars will be banned. Whether you like Mike or Joel better, you still loved The Show, and let's all try to remember that, hmm?

    4. Posting about tape-trading is encouraged, whether you're looking for episodes or have some available. The only way that The Show will stay alive is if the fans refuse to let it stagnate. I, for one, am looking for several CC-era episodes. Trading duplicated Rhino eps (not ones taped off of the TV) is not allowed, since they constitute copyrighted material and I don't feel like being sued over Manos.

    5. Finally, don't respond to people's comments, good or bad, in a brand new post. There are a few people who do that on other communities at other journals, and it just pisses me off.

    So, anyway, have fun and such. I hope you like it!

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2003-05-14 17:40 (link)
Glad to find this! but you guys need to post more often. i will definately post on a regular basis.

thanks for the forum!

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