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Matt (mslpanthers13) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 19:21:00
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    Current mood: horny

    Aids started with monkeys!
    Well Tech was fine even though my module SUCKS! Then lifeskills was awesome except we gotta take a baby home over the weekend. It crys an everything ugh, he said they can wake up a 3 in the mornin and cry and you have to feed them and if you dont take care of them you get a bad grade thats not cool. Well English was alright we just took notes over the poem "The Raven" and i will post it later. Science sucked cuz it was boring again. Reading was pretty cool we compared and contrasted Killing Mr Griffin book and movie which was actually fun. Math wasnt bad the assignment were doing is easy. In Social Studies we finished the movie. I got home and went to my cousins basketball game which Ansley is on the team, which i think I like Ansley alot. Well thats about it. Tyler might be breaking up with Allison. Who do you all think I should choose, Ansley or Allison. comment me. See ya

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