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Matt (mslpanthers13) wrote,
@ 2004-05-21 23:13:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:With You (Logans shirt reminded me of Jessica Simpson)

    You know that cat..yeah that one, shes fine
    Hey guys. I know its been freakin forever since I've updated. I am going to start updating again if im not grounded. Well today was cool. Lets see. I walked to the bus stop TWICE this morning lol. I forgot to put on cologne and deoderante wtf... i cant spell. Yeah I know im retarded. I was in a rush to leave and get the last day over with and I just totally forgot. Well anyways at the bus stop.. nothing really happened except when I got on the bus. COREY SEXTON WAS A PIMP. He had on a dress shirt and pants with a tie. He was brushin his shoulders off. Yeah well our bus driver turned it to 104.5 and me and Jason were singing. Yeah Rock ON! So we got to school and me and robbie were being fruitloops. Kacey thinks hes got a bubble butt. Speaking of her..shes pretty hott. Well man Im gonna miss everyone. Its crazy. Well we had our awards ceremony today, of couse, I didnt get mentioned for nothing but my lil pimp Tyler Crumbly did. Yeah so we went back to the room and all the cool chicks left so I got me some Strawberry Banana drink stuff (I had about 10 glasses that stuff rocked!) After that we were going to watch a movie but I was like screw dat. Me, robbie, eric, Stephen, Stephaney, Torrie, and chase all went to Mrs Gordons room and chilled. I called home it was getting gay. Well so me and some people got some pics episcially me and Stepehen, man I love that kid. I was going to get a pic of him and Kayla but she wouldnt let us. So we went to lunch and Tanner dropped a gobfull of money on the table and we all were grabbing it. Me and robbie broke our thumbs. Oh yeah Cacey Dreir I STOLE YOUR GUM!. Lol. I left my yearbook at school. Well I came home and fell asleep watching Spongebob (OH YEAH) and then about 6 Brittany Bell came over. We layed in the drive way like freakin retards talking and shooting basketball. Then Maci came over, then Just and Rine, and then Jason and Eric Kennedy. We all went to Macis to swim. We are having a book bonfire at brittanys tommorow. She is suppose to have Cassidy spend the night sometime, I love that kid, shes awesome. Well hmm. Thats about it. Now im done swimming and im typing this. I am now typing that Its getting late wow this is weird. Im coming to school Monday guys. So See ya there. Keep Checking Back My PIMPS AND PIMPETTES.

    Love Ya

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2004-06-05 12:06 (link)
damn, our graduation isn't for like fucking 15 days

15 days more of my stupid teacher's BULLSHIT

i hate them all

Long time no talk, hit me up on AIM son.

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