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Shawnee (mslady520) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 19:38:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:"Dangerously in Love"-Beyonce

    The events of the day
    I'm tryin to be like Drea and update everyday so here I go...but I'm not promisin that I'll be able to update everyday so don't hold me to it.
    Anyway, today was a good day...I made a 96 on my math quiz...too bad it wasn't a test...a 96 on a test would have been off the chain...but there's no sense in wishin on things that can't be. That puts my math grade at a B+ I wish it was an A but there's nothin I can do about it. SO that leaves history and english to worry about and I have no idea what I have in those classes but hopefully they are A's cuz I need A's. We get the history test back tomorrow so I really really really hope I made a high A on that.
    Anyway, one of my friends is really really startin to get on my the point that I can't even stand to be around her. That is awful and I feel bad for feelin that way but I can't help it.
    They want us to get this ugly behind sweatshirts for cheerleading from the bookstore but I'm not buyin one. They are ugly as anything and I already spent 31 dollars on a heathwood sweatshirt from the bookstore. Its cute and I'll wear it out, so spendin 31 dollars really wasn't a big deal. But if I spend 31 dollars on another sweatshirt i will not wear it because its ugly and the season is almost NO i refuse to buy it.
    I dread thursday cheerleading practices cuz we have to make banners and stuff and I have no artistic ability so I hate thursday practices.
    Me and my favorite start on a new diet tomorrow.
    Oh and the guy I like..well I was tryin to convince myself all day today that I didn't like him because of the whole "what if he doesn't like me thing"...but a friend of mine talked to him and he pretty much in a subtle way said that he liked me yay! cuz it was really hard tryin to convince myself that I didn't like him.
    But while I'm on this subject...this is so weird. Maybe its part of me growin up. I'm not used to likin someone and not bein 100 percent sure that he likes me too....its frustrating. I've never had to do this before. I'm used to getting what I want when it comes to guys (please don't anyone think I'm bein cocky or arrogant or stuck up or conceited cuz I'm not tryin to be) but this is teachin me that life isn't supposed to be easy. I'm not supposed to get everything I want and everything isn't supposed to be easy for me. Its a weird way to have to learn this but I guess I had to learn eventually...better now than when I'm 25 years old i guess.
    Well I'm gonna go cuz I think thats enough pointless rambling for one day. Oh but I hope "he" gets online or calls me or somethin.

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You are too much for me
2003-10-15 21:03 (link)
Haha sweetie, you are so cute. Dont worry about the boy stuff. if you like a guy dont spend time thinking if he likes you or not... just go for the kill darling, go for the kill... well thats what i do at least :-)


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