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Sydney (msfortunecookie) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 16:16:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:Hm.. no music again. It gets boring

    STORM ... !!
    its storming out. i love it . i could sit and listen to it all day!! i am doing really well on the diet that i started today. all i ate was that damn muffin( BLAHHH) neway if im careful i might lose weight and be like 100 pounds. Thats wat i need to do.. lose 5 pounds. Its do-able. It has to be. I would go on weigh watchers but if i ask my mom she will prob. get very angry with me and get me like a psyciatrist of something so thats a really unattractive option. The lights just flashed b4 .. it was great. I wrote a whole entry on the other computer and then when i attempted to make an upside down question mark the whole thing just basically deleted itself. It didnt say anything too important anyway. i can summarize pretty quick. I went out for Japanese food with my mom yesterday and we met my dad there to pick up my sister. He brought her to work and she was just too much to handle for the whole day so we had lunch and then brought her back to Port jeff. She was actually quiet the whole ride bc she had the portable dvd player thing. It was very nice. I dont know why its been raining so much.. i want it to just hurry up and start getting nice and sunny so i can wear all my new stuff for spring. Ok i took a shower like an hour ago and i havent yet removed the towel from my head. Its really something i need to get to .. I was looking at the nutrition facts of all the foods i like. I may just never eat again. French fries have like 40 grams of fat and my fav. oreo mcflurry packs something like 30 grams of fat. Now i can see why they tell you to stay away from Mcdonalds. This is why people have heart attacks. This is why obesity is growing in America. I never actually wanted to look at EXACTLY how unhealthy the stuff was but now that i know there is no way in hell ill ever eat it again. (except maybe on my birthday or something) I have no idea how to change the font on this but if i could then i would. I am really thirsty but im afraid to go downstairs. I better just go though b4 i dehydrate and flake away into pieces. i dont hear the thunder anymore.. dammit. It was making my day. I really live for these days cuz its so fun to just stay inside and relax. when its nice out there is no excuse to stay inside and i like to be outdoors when its sunny and warm neway. it was nice out the whole vacation so i guess i should really just shutup (or stop typing??) but i wish i could go to the mall or shopping or something. I also dont have ne $$ at the moment which is a slight drawback but im sure my mom is feeling generous. Im having mall withdrawal... i havent been shopping in like a month.Its getting to be crazy already. My aunt is making stir fry chicken for dinner.. yumm. I get 2 eat! thats like the highlight of my life. WHOOOOOO! ok i need to calm down. i also need water. I am def. done with this entry bc i am sure that whoever reads it will be quite bored.. i apologize. ahh my back is hurting in this chair.. im actually not leaning against the chair. I am sitting straight up.. actually maybe i am slightly bent over so its hurting my back ... who knows. But thats why my mood is uncomfortable. i cant really think of any other way to describe it. I wanted to hangout w. linds the whole vacation and it never happened 4 watever reason. i would say a good 8/10s of the vacation i wasnt even home neway so that contributed 2 it! ill make plans 4 this week. It will be fine GOODBYE

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