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Cassandra Chant (mscassandra) wrote,
@ 2004-07-15 22:32:00
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    Current mood: creative

    Ain't I?
    I push myself to the limit.

    I feel the powers of the earth.

    I was born in the Year of the Snake.

    I feel water running through my soul.

    I cry when I read romance manga.

    I try to swear in Japanese.

    I'm cold and cruel if you mess with me.

    I'm brave and loyal if you prove yourself.

    I want to go into computer science.

    I think there is nothing more soothing the rocking ride of a horse.

    I've looked death in the face - and didn't shake.

    I've got more family beyond the veil than before it.

    I live beyond the world - and cannot be seperated by it.

    I dream of the Goddess.

    I see my Cat in the corners of Faery.

    I am a Cancer.

    I am a Yankee.

    I am a feminist.

    I'm a thousands names and nameless.

    I'm a girl from the wrong century, wrong country, wrong world, wrong planet.

    I'm just trying so hard to survive.

    I'm a survivor.

    And in the words of Soujourner Truth:

    And ain't I a woman?

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