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Arabella Anaglypta DeVice (arabella_device) wrote in msas,
@ 2003-04-29 15:38:00
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2003-04-30 11:50 (link)
Fate had originally come to the infirmary to see the young lady she clobbered last night - whom she learned was named Darwin - but only a few minutes after arriving, a leather clad professor and an assembled entourage had flocked in.

Fate - and more importantly Wings - watched as poor Danny-boy tried to heal the ailling professor, only to have himself effected as well. She watched empathetically as he fled the room.

'Any minute now...'


"What goes on here? Where's Daniel?" A smooth, velvet voice floated from the door. There, cutting an impressive figure indeed, stood the Librarian/Grounds Keeper, Tabrius. His sharp green eyes narrowed at the few people remaining.

"He ran off." Darwin said placidly. She looked frazzled from all the previous excitement. "In there." She pointed to the private medical room.

Wings' emotions were fluctuating madly. Emotions of bitterness, anger, and - most surprisingly - hate swirled and twisted into Fate's very heart. She narrowed her eyes and twisted her face into a slight scowl. If Wings didn't like him, then neither did she.

Tabrius paused to raise an eye brow and the bound blond on the table. Were the situation different he possibly would've spare more than a moment for the DALA professor, but his pet was in disstress, and more importantly, in need of comfort. Tabrius gave a soft smile. Oh, he would comfort him alright...

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