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Mrs. Pink (mrspink) wrote,
@ 2004-08-08 19:16:00
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    My Favourite Seafood Chowder
    This all stemmed from an earlier decision yesterday to have smokies for dinner on the bbq. The only problem of course being that both Hubby & myself were too tired to cook dinner and the smokies were completely frozen anyhow. So I had suggested that I would take out the smokies this morning when I got home from driving to work at 6am so they'd be ready for cooking by the time we got home from work.

    Well, let me tell you! Holy shit was it piss pouring rain out this morning! We never get weather like this, and for so long either! It's been cold, damp, and miserable for days now! Our backyard is a veritable mushroom farm! Mind you, the mushrooms in our lawn have nothing at all on the mushrooms I had passed by while walking on my way to work! They're huge! Portobello sized! I was tempted to pluck them up and take them home for dinner, but of course thought better of it.

    Anyhow, so with the heavy rain, I had a wonderful solution to dinner: Fish Stew!
    This is my absolutely favourite stew to have in the fall and winter. Mainly because it has fish and a nice medly of other gems, but also because I swear, it only takes something stupid like 15 minutes to make.


    Fish Stew

    3 leeks, washed very well & cut in 1/2 lengthwise
    large can (19 oz?) stewed roma tomatoes
    1 can clams + juice
    olive oil
    2 pinches thyme
    1 cup white wine (optional)
    white fish fillets
    salmon fillet
    squid rings

    * Slice both the green & whites of the leek for this recipe
    * Drizzle olive oil into a large soup pot, add garlic, cook until fragrant
    * Throw in leeks and cook until fragrant, pour in wine if using.
    * Add can of tomatoes plus one full can of water, crush tomatoes for amusement until satisfied
    * Add clams plus the juices
    * Let simmer for a few minutes to let flavours develop
    * Throw in all the fish & seafood, let cook just until fish is opaque.
    * Serve with a fab loaf of crusty buttered bread or just garlic bread! ^_^

    I usually have frozen fish fillets as well as all sorts of frozen seafood on hand. Just make sure it's all thawed.
    Use whatever makes you happy, omit others, just make sure the fish is cubed to about the same size as the shrimp so it'll all cook relatively quickly.

    So tasty!

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