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Rach (mrs_scruff) wrote,
@ 2003-03-29 00:46:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:the monkees - daydream beleiver

    thought tonight was going to be a bag of shite, as i had no-body to go party with :/ damn friends. i need more of em.
    in some ways it was a bit shit, non-eventful, jsut stayed on the net. but! i got caramel chew chew ice cream.
    ohhyeaah, it had so much caramel in and loads of chocolate caramel was heaven...
    oh god, i am boring, talking about ice cream.
    i shouldn't even be eating ice cream let alone frickin chatting about it...:/
    everyone was going onnnnnnn about uni stuff today. i don't like it, i feel left out in some ways. im thinking that i just go to salford uni...its close enoguh to manchester, and besides, even if i do get a place at the met i'll be last and get a shit choice of accomadation there i might not even be as near to the centre as i would be in salford...ahh well, whatever. i really don't give a fuck at this present second.
    im listening to sixties music, its so good. im gonna get a sixties style dress for holiday.....ohhh holiday, i was looking at skirts and bikinis! and its all so exciting...i don't even give a fuck that im going on holiday with a load of twig people, because to be honest im quite happy with my figure for once! so fuck it! if im happy, who gives a fuck :D
    mgiht be going to ireland the week before too which would be so wicked.
    i looovee ireland, its just so lovely and all the little towns and pubs...i want to live there when im old and married to al, in one of those brightly coloured houses \o/

    ive had this stupid ache today, its been moving about all day...over my face, like one second in my nose then my eye sockets then my teeth and my jaw...its odd, painkillers would be an idea i guess....but i always forget that they exsist. gah.

    i probably should've got on with loads of work i had to do tonight....but...i haven't. i suck. i really do, im so crap at this work lark...but the weather distracts me :/ makes me hyper...therefore no concentration...
    thats my excuse anyway ;)

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Red Dwarf
2003-06-16 19:35 (link)
Hi! I just created a brand new community dedicated to Red Dwarf. Check it out, and join if you're interested! red_dwarf

(Bear in mind that I only just created it, so there aren't many entries/members.)

Thanks :).

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