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+ Mr. Gellar + (mrprinzejr) wrote,
@ 2003-01-14 05:16:00
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    Current mood: awake

    I'm on LA time, it sucks.. I went to bed last night cause I was totally wiped but now I'm up doing the wide awake thing at 5am.

    I caught Avril online for a little while.. she cheered me up, she said she'd do her best to cheer Sarah up.. which you all need to do guys! If you're in LA you better go visit her ;)

    I went on this one show, and they bought out some Sarah look-a-like, they said they thought I might be lonely *laughs* dude.. she was a gorgeous girl, sure.. but she didn't cut it as my girl, there's no other girl for me, no matter how much she looks and acts like Sarah.

    Just about to update my friends list, I was just looking at something on my info page and I noticed a bunch of new people added me, better add them back! And uh, Hey there guys!

    Yeah, also gotta jump on the band wagon and do a hot list..

    Sarah, I miss you.. bug me ;)

    All of you bug me! (AIM: MrPrinzeJr)

    Well it's that time again.. jetting time.

    Take care everyone.


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2003-01-14 10:12 (link)
BUGGING IS FUN...BUGGING IS FUN...AWW...the first married couple of OSN...DAMN YOU! I'm jk...*laughs* Sarah really misses you...I think perhaps I should bombard her with Freddy posts...But that would be wierd...would it not?

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2003-01-14 11:34 (link)
*laughs* You never know with Sarah, she might like strange bombardage (Yeah, that's a Sarah word..)

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2003-01-14 11:49 (link)
*writing that word down* I gave her a nice dose of sugar! That could make her feel better!

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2003-01-14 11:54 (link)
I saw that.. *laughs* she'll be bouncing off the walls soon..

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