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Zac (mrcanadianpie) wrote,
@ 2004-02-04 17:53:00
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    Where are you?

    Not "where do you live."

    Not "where are you reading this from."

    Where are you?

    Ask yourself.

    See if you can answer.

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i'm not sure, but i'm not alone.
2004-02-05 17:54 (link)
i am walking with God,
hoping to find a safe way out of where i am--
where we all are.

~have nice days~

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2004-02-05 20:36 (link)
oh my little zacy poo. you are so silly. i know where i come from. but honestly, even if I DO know where i come from, how does this help you? does it make you more complete? do you think you know me if i told you? sometimes i think that you forget that i am here. in fact, I KNOW it. and it makes me so sad. i know you love me, but do you care about me? i do not think that your ready answer is a happy "yes". you may care out of "love", or cause you think you need to just to keep a friend around because it would reflect poorly on you. but, i dont care about any of those things, i care about you. and i want you to care about me because you honestly and truly CARE! about me. please know that i pray for and care for and worry about and love you. i just want to know that you feel the same about me by choice. i am always here for you, even if i am only in your heart. call me and we'll chat. miss you kid.


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