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alex (mr_superfuck) wrote,
@ 2003-05-25 12:01:00
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    me and bryan went to michelles the other day. and that chick is totally falling apart. you should see her, she has cuts and bruises all over her. and 1/2 of them are from her dad. thank god her dadz afraid of bryan. eh. i hate him. hes such a jerk to her. but she has me and bryan. and kaleb and kyle. so its all good in the hood nigger. haha. watch, ill get in trouble for saying that. oh well.
    michelle and bryan might hook back up? i hope not. thatd be fuckin gay as all hell. id kick the shit out of bryan, i really would..
    i got to hang out with lisa yesterday. it was so much fun. shes so hott too man, for real. i think i love her. haha. jk. but shes great. we went to the movies and saw the matrix reloaded. thats a good movie, especially when youre sitting next to a hot chick named lisa making out. haha.
    we kept making "making out" noises to piss off the people infront of us, and they were laughing their asses off so we dumped our bag of popcorn on them and left. haha. it was so great. you shouldda been there. after that, i dropped lisa off and went home to play guitar.. and i did for a little bit.
    then i went BMXing with bryan. hes so good at that shit. it sucks cause i suck. lol.
    well. these journal things are dumb. and i g2g.
    so ttyl peepz.

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