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Crazy Dave (mr_adams) wrote,
@ 2010-07-13 20:46:00
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    Current mood: crappy

    Achey Tuesday
    Many aches and pains lurking from the day today. I feel like its more than just the usual, ever-constant back pain. Some kind of allergy thing? I dunno. I just know I feel like shit.

    Molly's with her sister tonight at the camp. Her parents are off vacationing in Italy right now. I'd be there too if I didn't have to work tomorrow. But I do. Bright and early and off to Bethel in the mornin'. It's funny how Molly can be away for one night and before I even have to go to bed alone I dread it. I feel so lonely without her that I'm typing this shit and basically talking to myself. It's no mystery to me how quickly and easily we have adapted to living together.

    These two cats (Tuukka and Neely) crack me up. They are wrestling right now inside the famous 49ers 'bag' I've had since I was just old enough for 'Time-out'; a place I frequented growing up. I fear I may becoming a shut-in since I never like to go anywhere and I have an unhealthy obsession with cats. More on this developing trend later...

    Alright I'm gonna go do what I do best. Get high and watch sports. Maybe eat a couple Tylenol so they can quiet this raging argument my brain seems to be having with my skull.


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2010-07-14 00:26 (link)
We must have one brain or something. I can't sleep right now because I'm not sleeping next to you, and I came on blurty to express my feelings about it. I tried closing my eyes and falling asleep, but I just don't feel right. It makes me sad that I can't hear the sound of your breathing next to me right now. I guess I just have to remind myself that tomorrow is only a day away.

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