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Mp5 Slipknot (mp5slipknot) wrote,
@ 2003-11-21 11:15:00
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    Current mood: satisfied
    Current music:"Bright Young Things" -Marilyn Manson (Eh, it'll do lol)

    So far so good.
    I got my progress report the other day and my grades are as follows; French: B, Language Arts: B, Web Design: B, Marketing: B, U.S. History: B, Crosscountry: A. I had no idea that I was actually doing well in language arts because I tend to struggle in that class, but hey, I got a B so, yay for me ^^. Of course I gotta make sure I dont get cocky over this, otherwise I'm screwed, I lose my internet, and I become so sad ;.;. Oh yeah, I'm also starting the book called Icewind Dale Trilogy, now that I finish the Dark Elf Triliogy, I decided I would keep reading every book that invovled the main dark elf character, Drizzt. Oh yeah, I think now is the time to start saving up and getting ready to upgrade my computer and get a Pentium 4. I gotta make sure I have enough money to get and enough left over, and then I'm gonna have to back up all my files. Luckly though, my dad has a portable hardrive that holds 10Gb and the files I'm gonna be backing up add to abour 3 or 4GB. THe main reason for this upgrade is because I want to get an RPG called Never Winter Nights, but the requirments are more than my computer can handle. So that's basically what is happening and overallm, things are looking pretty promising.

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