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exit (moviescript) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 17:42:00
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    Current music:the cure.

    My past crushes have been for two reasons.

    1. Loneliness
    2. Convenience

    When I met Justin, I was not lonely. I was content with the relationships I already had and appreciated them very much but knew there was a void inside of me that could only be filled by the love of a boy. No boys from my past. I didn't want anyone that I once deluded myself into "loving". I knew that the boy I wanted would come to me but never did I expect him to so soon and nor did I think I needed him to. Like I said, I was not lonely. But when I met Justin, I needed him. I needed to be held and touched and kissed and loved by him. And he did just that. And although I find our relationship rather inconvenient because he'll be gone until December, this is what I want. A love that isn't circumstancial.

    When I say that I'm in love with him, there's a knot of happiness in my stomach that affirms it.

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2003-08-21 04:23 (link)
Self-injure or have an eating disorder? --cool forum to check out.

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