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jacqueline (mournon) wrote,
@ 2004-09-27 18:31:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Metallica

    wet dogs and artichokes
    the weekend brings cheer to everyone. especially when you come home smelling like a wet dog. but before i get into that i went over to my aunt lindas house to have a nice little get together with the family. oh the joy. i dyed my hair and cut it. hot pictures soon. j/k, anyway after that we left and had to spend the night at darrell's greeeeeeattt that was fun. especially when he pissed me off so bad that i was crying silently in the back seat. in the morning we went to help my aunt kathy with this animal thing. my mom bought me the alien quadrilogy and some stones i also got a 10 minute masage. there were different booths and such. my aunt taught me some ttouch as well and im going to be taking in dogs to foster them. good service learning hours. besides that however today made me feel lonely. 2/3 of the people who've seen me or talked to me think im a poseur. which i mean is fine. but come on 2/3 these people dont even know. and what am i a poseur of. sure i try to be liked but i mean who doesnt. these kids are just snotty ass assholes who are so consumed and obsessed with themselves that they overly critique other people. its sickening. stupid. anyway im so lonely now i think im just going to ignore everyone and focus on my school work. that might just be more effective. no more talking to random people or saying hi to them no more touching people. no more. im just going to cut off my own communication to any other kids. new rule for me: speak only when spoken, too. nothing more. im so tired of being judged and outcasted by everyone. THEY DONT FUCKING KNOW ME. jesus fucking christ. do we not get the concept of knowing people before you LABEL them. I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH LABELING. were goddamn fucking obsessed. poseur this poseur that. that kids ska oh shes emo. im punk or im goth. look at my emo self, ill go get coffee and cry to random poetry. goddamn. we are who we are. were all different. we have our own personalities it has NOTHING to do with TRYING to be something. ugh. im going to go calm down.

    HAHAH stereotyping humor!

    Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!

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