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Krist (motionofahand) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 22:23:00
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    Current mood: morose
    Current music:Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

    young child beside a dead pony

    Hmmm...I just watched A Walk To Remember on HBO. Normally, I would call it crap and turn it off, but this time I was feeling particularly weepy-like so I watched it and I cried. I cried while watching Mandy Moore die of luekemia. What the hell is wrong with me. As I said in the previous entry, written only a few hours ago, I'm on my period. First day of my period. Also, I've been home since 12:30 this morning. The loneliness is getting to me again. That bad. I really wish that I wasn't so sensitive. I told Matt earlier today that I was going to try to be insensitive, I was going to be like The Hulk. Because The Hulk is magical. Right now, Aaron, Nathan, and Brandon are watching The Hulk. I called Nathan to tell him that I cried while watching A Walk To Remember, because I knew he would laugh at that tidbit of information. Nathan is easily amused. I don't call him Nathan in real life. I call him Nuewl. We were in first period study hall together senior year...its hard to believe that's passed, but I asked him if I could call him Nathaniel, but he was all, "That's not my name. I'm only Nathan." so I persisted and asked him if I could call him "Thaniel". He said, "No." so I asked if I could just call him "Nuewl." and he would laugh and I asked him those three questions every day until I just started calling him Nuewl and it stuck and now everybody calls him Nuewl. I know where its at. You know how I do. You know, for a bisexual, vegan, straight-edge kid, I sure like a fuckload of pop punk. I don't know where that came from, but I realize that today I listened to The Starting Line for 2 hours straight because I was sad. Then you know what I did? I started to read the fourth Harry Potter book over again. There's just something not right with that. Nuewl and Matt are both ashamed of me for enjoying Harry Potter to the simple extent that I do because they work at Barnes and Noble and had to work on Harry Potter night in which they were bombarded by suburban mothers and their kids. But hey, I like Harry Potter...just not to that extent. Anyway, that's about it. Despite our problems, I wish Nicole had called me back or stopped by. It's her birthday and I had flowers for her. Maybe I can get them to her tomorrow. Oh well. I hate my period.
    ((<3)) i'll live forever.

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