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Drawn To Light (mothtoflame) wrote,
@ 2004-10-08 19:10:00
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    Fair Warning: Sex Obsessed Journal
    There is more to me than an interest in sex, but I haven't seen much of it lately. I am a hetero male in my early thirties who's always had other priorities than meeting people for extended sexual bliss. Why that was so, I simply cannot understand, but no matter. I'm somewhat bi-curious regarding men, but I'm mostly interested the mystique of the many-faceted feminine through and through. Recently, I have recognized cross dressing as the most powerfully erotic fetish I have.

    I am not uncomfortable with my sexuality, but I do not have any real conceptual understanding of it, or much practical experience with the gender related aspects. Due to my American cultural background I had always associated cross dressing with being gay, but I did not find my interest in women diminshing when I noticed that wearing a short mini skirt and vintage clip earrings turned me on. Nor did I find that I desired men. What I wanted was to feel like a woman while kissing a woman, to touch body to body with soft deliberateness, to share with a friend the delight of a lover.

    I like to write spontaneously about whatever I'm thinking. Lately, I think a lot about kinky, kinky sex. I'm still working on my journal setup before I start trying to make friends, but if you stumble by on your own, feel free to say hello.

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