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Meredith (moserere) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 22:18:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Dashboard Confessional- Hands Down

    FiRsT eNtRy
    Well we will see how long this thing lasts, but it seems like fun. Let's see..
    Today I went to school. 1st period Mr Bray. I LOVE that class woo. And I found out about Lois's wonderful story about this guy from Monican. haha does anyone know of someone to go wait up in a parking lot of a different school JUST to see someone youve never met before and then leave? if it's like 20 minutes away? haha yea it was great. hm then English Mr Hurd. bla. b-o-r-i-n-g let me tell you. dude she doesn't even look at the class. She looks at the back of the wall or ceiling the WHOLE time. One time I went up to her to ask her a question and she was pointing at my paper explaining something while looking at the ceiling. wow. weird. then i went to spanish. ah i so love that class because there are like 8 people and we dont do much. today we watched some movie. then lunch which is always fun because jennifer and I count Taylors lunch because we're cool like that. it's like 10 items i swear. then chemitry. huge test today, it was pretty easy because i study for like 74859473590 hours

    oh but its so sweet every friday we have a teacher who is british come in and teach our class. those of you who know me know that I LOVE accents (especially British). it's soo great. it makes class not as um i donno i guess it brings something to the class. chemistry=british. yeah something like that.

    thennn after school I came home, ate, and got ready for powder puff practiceeee wooo. that was great. our coaches are Daniel, Tony, Nate, Brad. then cheerleaders...i donno who they are because they left. our quarterback is greylan. hm that's as far as we got today. we basically just passed the football. it was fun though.

    then i went to briarwood to work out which i love doing because I read Harry Potter!!! woo i have 130 pages left of the 4th book, ahhh it's soooo good. yay. k then I came home and ate dinner and theeennnn PSATs tmrw so I did this practice test which took like 2 hours so that was basically my night. how exciting.

    tmrw Lynnsie is coming over to record/ show my parents the song we wrote. yes we wrote a song :). we both sing and i play the guitar. yeaa. then tmrw night sarah lynn brenneman and I are gonna hang out because I havent hung out with her in forever! but anyways..hope you enjoy the first of my maybe many entries..

    ****Hands down this is the best day I can ever remember****
    (not really the best day, but thats the song I'm listening to....yep)


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