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Kittie (morbid_kitten69) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 19:20:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Jessica Simpson _ I'm gonna love you forever

    life sux
    why me....why always me....people always have to make pleasure in destroying me...and hurtin me....always...for awhile me and my friend justin were talkin always....and we were hangin out alot...yesturday we went to the beach and hung out he really acted like he liked me and then everything was perfect ...he said he'd date me but then he today sais he can't he doesn't really love me...:'(...i hate life

    ColorofNight6969: hi....
    deadheadbob87: hey
    ColorofNight6969: wuts up??
    deadheadbob87: nothin much
    deadheadbob87: chillin
    deadheadbob87: you?
    ColorofNight6969: are u mad at me?
    ColorofNight6969: same
    deadheadbob87: no
    ColorofNight6969: are u sure?
    deadheadbob87: I just got back from the skatepark
    deadheadbob87: i'm tired
    deadheadbob87: yes i'm sure
    ColorofNight6969: i know
    ColorofNight6969: wut about the e-mail?
    deadheadbob87: I got it
    ColorofNight6969: ur not mad about it?
    deadheadbob87: no
    ColorofNight6969: ok....
    deadheadbob87: why should I be?
    ColorofNight6969: i thought u might be
    ColorofNight6969: sorry
    ColorofNight6969: how come u never called me?
    ColorofNight6969: i was kinda sad and stufff
    deadheadbob87: I dunno
    ColorofNight6969: its ok
    ColorofNight6969: so.....
    ColorofNight6969: do u have n e thin to say?
    deadheadbob87: about what?
    deadheadbob87: the email?
    ColorofNight6969: n e thing?...
    ColorofNight6969: that too
    ColorofNight6969: n e thing off the top of ur head
    ColorofNight6969: about yesturday
    ColorofNight6969: about me?
    deadheadbob87: I had lots of fun and it was great to see you again
    deadheadbob87: your brother's really cool
    ColorofNight6969: i just wanna know wut ur thinkin...whether its negitive or
    ColorofNight6969: i'm sorry for hittin you alot yesturday....i dunno why i did that
    deadheadbob87: lol
    deadheadbob87: no it's ok
    deadheadbob87: i'm a big boy
    ColorofNight6969: lol
    deadheadbob87: they were love taps
    deadheadbob87: lol
    ColorofNight6969: ;-)
    ColorofNight6969: I love you :-[
    ColorofNight6969: alot
    ColorofNight6969: :'(
    deadheadbob87: I wanna get something off my chest
    ColorofNight6969: ok
    ColorofNight6969: please tell me
    deadheadbob87: I really like you.....but it's more of really good friends. I don't think that I want to really go out with you
    deadheadbob87: i don't want to hurt you and I know that's what i've been doin and I realize that
    ColorofNight6969: um...ok...
    deadheadbob87: i'm really sorry
    ColorofNight6969: :'(
    ColorofNight6969: was it sumthin i did
    deadheadbob87: but i've just been thinking about it alot lately and it's been getting me stressed
    deadheadbob87: no you didn't do anything
    deadheadbob87: I dunno why
    ColorofNight6969: ...i'm sorry
    deadheadbob87: i'm really really really sorry
    ColorofNight6969: ...
    ColorofNight6969: its ok...i'll be ok....i think.....eventually....i dun want you to feel bad....u can feel or do w/e u like
    deadheadbob87: but i feel bad noying that I did this to you and sort of led you on
    ColorofNight6969: its ok.....
    deadheadbob87: it's just I don't want to hurt you anymore
    deadheadbob87: and I felt bad for leading you on
    ColorofNight6969: i dun want you to feel bad..even though i'm crying i'll try to get over it....i'm sorry for like forsing you to like me...and say uloved me
    deadheadbob87: but I had a really good time yesterday
    deadheadbob87: no you didn't force me to do anything
    deadheadbob87: please don't cry
    ColorofNight6969: y couldn't you have told me this b4
    ColorofNight6969: like yesturday
    deadheadbob87: I dunno
    deadheadbob87: because I couldn't bring myself to do it
    ColorofNight6969: or when i asked you to go....or even when u said u and keri were over
    ColorofNight6969: y did u tell me that we would be together
    ColorofNight6969: and that it would be us
    deadheadbob87: I dunno
    deadheadbob87: I didn't have my mind made up then
    ColorofNight6969: ok
    deadheadbob87: i'm sorry
    ColorofNight6969: ....
    deadheadbob87: ooooook


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2003-08-06 20:05 (link)
Sorry To hear everythings going so badly for ya ashlie, but just think of it this way.. soon there's high school.. and a TON of new.. totally hot Guys! YEAH!!


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2003-08-06 20:30 (link)

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