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Angel (morbid_angel) wrote,
@ 2004-04-30 20:13:00
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    God! I really couldn't be assed with college today. I got up about 6.55 which sucks cos i gottaleave at 7.15 hehe. Oh Well. And i was real tired and felt sick, so i decided to go for my morning lesson. Biology... Hmm... it wasn't too bad actually. I got all my work done, then wehad a debate about gay people cos alex and Mike are such homophobes. It was fun.

    Well at lunch i decided i may as well stay for Psych, so me and Chloewent to the library over lunch. I looked at books about Japan. She did work hehe.

    I picked up my finance form for uni too! Will fill it in later. But i need my dad's P60 thingy. Me and Chloe were about 15 mins late for Psych cos we had to wait ages for something. Jill didn't mind too much tho. Psych was fun, i exerted myself today and decided to answer Every question... right of course!! I made a few smart remarks aswell,which was kewl. Hehe. I make the lesson interesting on Friday afternoons!! After break we watched a Vid but before jill put it on i asked her if it was gonna be another boring one like before easter!!! hehehehe. She said she was gonna chuck it away and wouldn't make anyone else watch it. But today's was interesting, it was about this guy with tourettes syndrome, and it made me laugh.. me evil.. but it was just funny...

    I went shopping with Chloe afterwards, cos i had some time to waste before my bus, and we saw a squashed pidgeon, and it was fresh. Bleah. Then i went to get my bus, and like the stationwas Hell, so my bus ended up leaving like 45 mins late... WTF I was real pissed off by the time i got home.

    complained to my mum... again, then made my dinner. Now i'm talking to Pete ^.^

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